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How to Choose the Best Singapore Diamonds Online & Retail Shop

People often ask us “where to buy diamonds in Singapore?” and we say the same thing – it is not as much as a question of where, as it is of how. If you are thinking of buying a solitaire ring for your love, or a pair of diamond earrings for your mother, you need to ensure that both the diamond and the base metal are of the highest quality.

Today, we are here to answer all the “how”s, so you can find your answer to the “where” –

Know your 4Cs

The four Cs of a diamond are its cut, color, clarity, and carat. Understanding the carat is quite easy, but the cut, color, and clarity can be tricky unless you are looking at GIA certified gemstones only. Always ask your jeweler in Singapore for the documentation and authentication certificates of your diamond.

Don’t always go by the size

Well, you know what we mean! Bigger isn’t always better for diamonds. A larger diamond might be cheaper than a smaller one if the larger one has more mediocre cut and more occlusions than the smaller one. Check for accurate, super ideal cuts and ideal cuts in Singapore stores.

Understand the math behind the price tag

Don’t always go for a flat carat number since a 0.1 or 0.09-carat difference between two stones isn’t as significant. Look at the fire, brilliance, and scintillation of the gemstone before you purchase it. There are a few genuine but free online tools that can calculate the prices for you, if you input the dimensions, cut quality and clarity in.

Check with the AGS ASET scope

The American Gem Society Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (AGS ASET) can reveal the real quality of any gemstone depending on its contrast, light leakage, weak light return full light return variants. Avoid diamonds with green AGS ASET scope at the edges, since weak light return at the edges can make a diamond appear much smaller than it is.

Check it in natural light

The spotlights and LEDs inside most jewelry stores in Singapore can distract you from the real sparkle or scintillation of the diamond. To understand how much a diamond is truly worth, you should always inspect it in natural light. Super ideal cut diamonds have the maximum brilliance and fire, ideal cuts of the same shape have lower brilliance, and regular cut diamonds have the least brilliance and fire in the same range. Although two diamonds might bear similar price tags, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal for the price you are about to pay!

Now, coming to the “where” part of things – you should pick a store that does not mislabel their diamonds and slap around “ideal” or “super ideal” cut labels on every gemstone. Only go to a brick-and-mortar store or online store that has years’ worth of experience and satisfied client reviews behind them. Shopping for diamonds from a genuine and honest jeweler in Singapore is a real pleasure no one should miss!

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