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How to Choose the Right Car Cover

Car covers protect your car from dust and water. The purpose of a car cover is to protect your car from bad weather and prying eyes. When you go for shopping for a car cover, there are many things that you need to consider. You need to decide whether you are going to buy a universal car cover, or a customized one. Buying the customized cover will cost you some extra money but it will help you make sure that your car has proper protection.

Types of Car Covers

There are two types of car covers; universal ones for indoors and those for outdoor use, also known as air-dry covers. The air-dry ones are made of a thinner material and fit more tightly on the car. The universal car covers are easy to use, and you can take it apart whenever you want to wash it. However, the air drying covers need special care and maintenance, and this is where professionals appears.

Outdoor Car Covers

Most of us live in areas where the weather is not too pleasant. We have to face numerous unpleasant conditions every day such as heavy rains, prolonged sunshine, strong winds, heavy snowfall, hails, and the like. For all these harsh conditions, we need UV rays protection for our cars. UV rays are one of the most important reasons for our cars to become dirty and stained.

If you have a vehicle, you probably understand the importance of a car covers. You certainly know how it enhances the appearance of your vehicle. When the cover is applied properly and while keeping a check on the fabric, you can ensure that your vehicle stays clean, neat, and shiny. The UV rays cause irreparable damage to the paint of the vehicle, and the result is often an impossible restoration process. It may even be that no restoration can take place, and the vehicle has to be scrapped.

Custom-Fit Covers

People prefer custom-fit covers so that they can fit better. They are specially made to fit every car perfectly without giving the vehicle a bloated or undersized look. In addition, custom-fit covers provide excellent ventilation. This helps in getting rid of the stale odors emanating from the vehicle because of the absence of oxygen. In addition, it provides additional levels of protection against dirt, dust, rain, sleet, and other pollutants, which may damage the paint job and, the overall condition of the vehicle.

Although the purpose of the previously mentioned UV rays protection is mainly to protect the car, it is also used to prevent condensation, moisture, and heat from reaching the interiors of the car. You can choose any of the many different materials that are used to make outdoor car covers. These may include canvas, polyester, cotton, vinyl, fleece, jute, and others. Each of these materials provides an excellent level of UV ray protection.


The material used for making car covers also determines the price of the cover. Covers with good UV ray protection will cost more than those that do not have this feature. Most of these UV ray resistant materials are suitable for use in all weather conditions as they are water and weather resistant. This feature makes them highly advantageous to protect the vehicle from all types of weather.


The right kind of car covers can help you save money. They offer the right level of protection to protect your vehicle against various elements including the sun, rain, sleet, and snow. You need not spend a large amount of money on other forms of protective covers if you buy the right one. If you follow proper care instructions, the right cover can help you save a lot of money on maintenance costs of your vehicle.

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