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What qualities should a leased line provider possess? The most obvious explanation is a low price, which we cannot deny is quite significant. Price should always be one of the first ways you filter your results and narrow down your decision when using a business services comparison website like Leased Line Comparison. It should not, however, be the only thing you examine. Here’s some helpful information and pointers for selecting a leased line provider who can provide excellent service and keep you connected:

Lease lines can give your company the quick, dependable connection it needs. The user must go with the best options.You must consider five important factors:

Leased Line Cost:

Lease lines can cost hundreds of pounds per year, and the cost varies widely according to the provider. This is due to the fact that some people only get quotations from their favourite carrier, whereas others are free to acquire prices from numerous carriers and choose the best deal.

Duration of the Installation:

Installing leasing lines takes between 35 and 65 working days on average. As a result, it’s critical that you plan ahead and order lease lines several months before they’re needed.

If you’ve waited too long, you might want to explore employing Ethernet-based leased lines in the first mile (EFM). Copper EFM circuits are typically much easier to set up than fibre leased lines.

However, keep in mind that these only provide 10Mbit/s of bandwidth, so they’re not a good substitute for higher-bandwidth connections.

Converged Communication with SIP Trunking:

If you’re thinking about ordering one or more lease lines and already have ISDN connections, SIP Trunking is a good option.

Why pay for ISDN circuits to carry your phone calls when you could just use your lease line? That money you’re squandering on ISDN rental fees could be used to help pay for your new lease line connection.

Check that your new leasing line provider can provide SIP Trunking. so you may take advantage of this subsidy and the cheaper call prices that SIP Trunking can provide.

Options for Leased Line Reliability:

If a loss of connection would be costly to your business, you should consider having a backup connection.

This connection will usually be inferior to your main connection in order to save money. For example, as a backup circuit to your leasing line, you can choose to use a typical corporate ADSL connection.

If a low-cost asymmetric contended ADSL circuit isn’t an option, you could opt for a lower-bandwidth lease line instead. If you were ordering a 100Mbit/s lease line, for example, you could select to have a 10Mbit/s lease line as a backup alternative. You should also make sure that the two leasing lines use circuits from different underlying providers for added resiliency.

Ensure that your lease lines are from a reputable source.

Expertise in WAN:

If your company has numerous locations (or plans to do so soon), obtain your lease lines from a company that specialises in supplying Wide Area Networks. What Should You Look For When Choosing A Leased Line Provider?

Rather than purchasing Internet lease lines for each location, many forward-thinking companies may purchase a corporate WAN and have other services (such as Internet access and SIP Trunking) delivered over top of it. This gives you more flexibility because the bandwidth for each site can be shared among a range of services, allowing lower-priority services to use the capacity that higher-priority services aren’t using.

Will Your Company Grow In The Next Three Years?

Companies that sign three to five-year leasing contracts get the greatest lease line rates. If you can sign a contract for that long, you’ll almost certainly obtain better rates than if you join up for one or two years.

Is Your Bandwidth Usage Skyrocketing?

A new lease line takes around three months to install. If your organisation anticipates significant growth in bandwidth demand over the life of your lease line contract, it may be worthwhile to acquire a higher capacity circuit.

For example, if you’re only using 8Mbps of the 10Mbps leasing line’s capacity and your bandwidth usage is rapidly increasing, signing a three-year contract might be a bad idea.

Signing up for a 10Mbit/s lease line provided over a 100Mbit/s circuit would be a better alternative. When your leasing line is full, you won’t have to wait months for a new, larger circuit to be provisioned. All you have to do now is contact your ISP and request an upgrade. A new circuit isn’t required.

Do You Require A Backup Connection When Your Leasing Line Fails?

Lease lines have a higher level of reliability than ADSL connections. They do, however, go down on requirements and needs.

If an outage of your lease line would be extremely disruptive to your business, it would be worth having a backup connection (such as an ADSL connection) to mitigate the damage.

If you have a lot of downtimes, you might want to consider getting some help.

This allows your ISP to fix some problems after you’ve gone home, rather than waiting until the next day. Your leased line providers will be able to carry out network maintenance at times when few of your company’s employees will notice the downtime if you have 24×7 assistance. Business leased line provide you best solution for your business.

Do you intend to replace ISDN30 with SIP Trunking?

The phones on your desk are connected to a PBX (private branch exchange) at your office. The PBX links to the phone network using ISDN2 or ISDN30 connections, which are often used.

SIP Trunking is a less expensive and more scalable alternative to ISDN. Your calls are routed through a data circuit, such as a leased line.

If you’re searching for a new leased line and have an ISDN30, you should carefully consider upgrading to SIP. Some of the money you’re spending on ISDN circuits could be used to help pay for your new leasing line, allowing you to have a higher-bandwidth connection.

Your phone calls would be carried over some of this extra bandwidth. However, the majority of it would be available for other purposes.

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