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The automatic Siemens washing machine repair Dubai is no longer Dubai curiosity today, but an integral part of the interior of many apartments. Almost everyone has faced a choice problem. For those who have just decided to buy a washing machine, we offer a few tips.

The first thing to decide is where to put the washing machine. The dimensions of your car directly depend on this.

Directly connected with the choice of location is the second question – the type of loading: it can be vertical or frontal.


For front-loading machines, the hatch is located on the front panel. Thus, the upper surface of the machine can be used as a support – for example, for a laundry basket or bath accessories (if installed in the bathroom). Also, such a machine can be put “back to back” under a shelf or even a sink (there are also such models) However, to open the hatch, you need an appropriate free space in front of the machine. 

washing machine repair dubai

With top loading, the laundry is loaded into the machine from the top. Such models require less floor space because free space is needed to open the hatch above the car, and not in front of it, and are well suited for cramped living conditions. However, at the same cost, they, as a rule, have fewer functions than the front ones, less drum volume, and, for obvious reasons, they cannot be used as a stand. 

The third question is the price for which you want to buy a washing machine. If you are on a budget, then you should not chase after the big names of washing machines. As a rule, they are more expensive. Besides, more expensive models will be more expensive to repair.


The maximum amount of dry laundry at which the siemens washing machine repair Dubai delivers a normal wash performance and does not overload. For two or three people, a machine with a load of 3-5 kg ​​is enough, for a larger number – 5-6 kg. If the machine has a function for drying laundry, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the maximum load for the drying mode is, as a rule, less than the maximum load for washing by about two times.

The next step is to determine the need for drying. Dryers are more expensive. Therefore, if you are not experiencing restrictions on funds, then it is quite possible to purchase a machine with a dryer. Of course, you can get a washer-dryer even for $ 311 (ArdoWD800), but you will not get the highest quality of both washing and drying.

If the quality of washing, spinning, and drying is important to you, you should pay attention to the quality class of each of these procedures. In the descriptions of almost all models, the classes of washing, spinning, drying, and energy consumption are indicated. Note that at least for now, the energy class is not of particular interest to us.

Washing class

The class of washing determines its quality, that is, the degree of removal of dirt from the fabric after a standard wash. Such classes are denoted by Latin letters from A to G, where A is the best quality, G is the worst. The washing class is one of the main parameters of the siemens washing machine repair in Dubai and directly affects its cost.

Spin class

The quality of the machine in the spin mode. The spin class depends on the residual moisture of the laundry after the end of the washing program and is indicated by the Latin letter from A to G, where A is the best efficiency, B and C are good, D, E is medium, F, G is very weak. The spin quality is closely related to the maximum number of drum revolutions in this mode. Naturally, machines with better spin quality are more expensive, all other things being equal.

Number of washing programs

The total number of specialized wash programs. In programs, as a rule, the parameters that are optimal for different types of fabrics are initially set (water temperature, time and intensity of washing and rinsing, spin speed), which eliminates the need to adjust them manually. The more washing programs, the more versatile the siemens washing machine repair Dubai is, and the more different materials you can wash in it under optimal conditions.

 Delay start timer

The delayed start timer allows you to delay the start of washing for several hours (up to 24). Thus, you can program the end of washing at a convenient moment – for example, load the machine in the morning, and get freshly washed laundry when you return from work. Also, this function will be useful for those users whose electricity tariff depends on the time of day – you can turn on the machine at night when the tariffs are lower, and take out the laundry in the morning.

Quick wash

The quick wash program is used for lightly soiled items that do not require intensive washing – for example, for everyday clothes after a hot day, or for a tracksuit after training. This mode is less time consuming and saves water and energy.


Characteristics of the drum. As a rule, different models differ in drum volume, tank material

Tank material

The drum of the siemens washing machine repair Dubai rotates inside the water tank during washing. Some characteristics of the machine depend on the material from which the tank is made.

One of the most common options, regardless of the cost of the machine, is stainless steel tanks. This material is strong, durable, and resistant to chemicals. The main disadvantage of steel tanks is that the machine is noisy.

 Plastic tanks are also widely used in modern washing machines. They weigh a little, are also quite resistant to chemical attack and, unlike steel ones, do not create significant noise during the operation of the machine. However, these tanks are less durable and require care when transporting.

 In the so-called. In metal-plastic tanks, most of the tank is made of plastic, and the back wall is made of metal. Such tanks combine the advantages of both types of materials: they are strong, durable, relatively light, and quiet.

Water consumption per cycle

The amount of water taken by the washing machine in a standard wash cycle. In this case, washing the maximum amount of cotton linen for this model is considered standard at a normal program and a temperature of 60 degrees. If you have water meters installed, then when choosing a machine, you should pay special attention to this parameter.

Spin. One of the indicators that are often paid attention to is the number of revolutions during spinning.

Maximum spin speed

Maximum drum rotation speed in spin mode. The higher it is, the more intensive the spinning is. However, it should be borne in mind that not all types of fabrics normally tolerate high speeds – a speed of 1000 and more should be used only for especially strong fabrics, and delicate fabrics need to be squeezed out at low speeds, so a machine that allows you to choose the spin speed is the best choice.

Its efficiency, in particular, depends on the maximum spin speed (see spin class), but this parameter is not decisive – spin duration and drum diameter also play an important role. Therefore, machines with the same spinning speed may have a different efficiency class.

Control panel. Communication with the siemens washing machine repair Dubai takes place through the control panel, so the ease of operation of the washing machine depends on how convenient and accessible it is.

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