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It is difficult to choose the right colour when you want to change your windows. Each company offers a wide variety of shades. The chosen option should suit the design of the facade and interior. The design of buildings made in several colours must be entrusted to professionals. The use of unsuitable colours leads to a decrease in value of the house ​​(especially when it comes to old mansions).

If you want to keep up with modern options, it’s better to choose white or grey. Light window frame colours go well with dark grey. This colour scheme will give your house a stylish look. For this, large windows with wide shutters are a good choice, as they fill the rooms with the maximum amount of light. If you don’t like greys, opt for blue or metallic grey. This will add variety to the design of the building.

When choosing traditional colours, it is worth focusing on:

  •   cream colours;
  •   pastels;
  •   nudes.

Such windows will look especially good against grey walls. This combination will look much better than a mix of bright colours. The house will look cozy and stylish.

House owners who have chosen bright popular render colours to paint the walls should pay attention to windows made in neutral colours. It can be white or pale blue, pink, or grey window frame. Such double-glazed windows will not look too bright, and the attention of your guests will be attracted by the facade design, not the windows.

The classic colour is white. At first glance, this colour may seem rather boring, but it perfectly complements any interior and exterior. Such windows will not detract from the value of your home, and the facade will look flawless.

Modern windows

In pursuit of fashion trends, many people try to choose light colours for their double-glazed windows. The facade of the building can be of pale grey colour, in that case charcoal windows look good. With this colour scheme, any house will look modern and stylish. It is important to choose the right design for the windows. If the glass unit is small, it’s better to not paint it dark. Such shades are suitable for large windows that let in lots of light.

Be sure to carefully think over any bold ideas that seem trendy at the moment. Fashion is fleeting, and you may be tempted to change the colour of your window frames. If the installed insulating glass unit is not made of wood, painting may cause problems. For this reason, you won’t be able to create a design that matches the changing trends.

Patio doors and sliding doors are suitable to maximize the amount of sunlight in a room. They create enough space for glazing and don’t have many frames that obstruct a good view. The doors are positioned one behind the other, so the room is quickly filled with natural light.

Before you start choosing wooden window paint colours, it is worth trying rendering, which is a computer visualisation of your house. This will show you how good anthracite or other colours will look in your interiors. If dark grey doesn’t work, consider metallic grey.

Classic traditional styling

To complement the traditional home decor, people often choose a neutral color scheme. The most popular window design colour is French grey, combined with cream or white shades. This combination creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

To keep the classic look of your house, you need to choose the right type of glazing. You can choose one horizontal or T-shaped bar, which will not reduce the amount of light entering through the windows. The cottages built in the 1920s and 1930s have such windows with several horizontal bars. This is how the art deco decor popular in those years can be perfectly preserved.

It’s quite simple to emphasize the building itself, and not the windows; all that remains is to choose a colour for the walls that will be a little brighter. A white glass unit will perfectly complement beige walls. The front door may be of similar colour. If it is not a solid surface made of wood but has glass inserts, the building will look quite balanced.

Statements Windows

The classic trend windows colours, which many house owners choose, are shades of white. Despite the wide colour palette, this colour is the most popular. White windows can be chosen for a number of reasons:

  •   the house has a small terrace, and any other colour will look out of place;
  •   the colour of the facade, gutters and other elements is brighter, so the glass unit should be white;
  •   the type of window is not suitable for a different colour.

If you want to emphasize the entrance area of the house, choose a white glass unit. This is how the front door can be highlighted, especially when the building has a double facade or a terrace. White windows look great with any design. This will not affect the price of a building of historical value.

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Before applying for window painting or glass replacement, consider what style your home should be decorated in. The matching colour of the window frame will complement the design, especially when it is successfully combined with the colour of the walls inside and outside. You will be able to make your house stand out against other houses in your neighbourhood.

You just need to decide on a suitable design option for doors and windows for our specialists to get down to business. You can explore the available options at, or contact our experts who will help you choose the right colour and will explain how to paint exterior window sills and frames.

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