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If your dryer vent has not been cleaned in the past two years, it probably needs the best cleaning service. Dryer vents are clogged with lint from your dryer, which can affect the operation of your dryer.

You can clean your vent yourself if you can access it by moving your dryer. However, in some cases, it may not be possible to access the vent on your own. In this case, hire professional cleaners to fix the problem.


Plan a cleaning time. Once you’ve found a business, give them a call, and schedule a cleanup time. You will likely need to be home during the cleanup to show the cleaners where your dryer, outlets, and fuse box are. Find a convenient time to bring cleaners to your dryer vent.


Unplug your dryer. Never begin cleaning a dryer vent while the dryer is still plugged in. It can be very dangerous. Find the place where your dryer cord plugs into the wall. Unplug the plug.


Put everything back in place. Replace the nozzle that goes from the dryer into the wall by replacing the screws in place. Then replace the dryer. Reconnect the dryer. Your dryer should be ready for use now, and since the vent is clean, you should see a noticeable improvement in drying time.


Find HVAC specialists in your area. In some cases, it is difficult to clean the vent yourself. You may not be able to reach the vent, for example. Plus, you can’t clean that deep without professional help. If your dryer isn’t drying your clothes properly after cleaning the vent yourself, call in the professionals. You need HVAC specialists, who are dryer vent cleaners. Look for cleaners online or in the yellow pages for your area.

Remove the screws with a screwdriver

Remove the tube. The dryer vent is a hole that goes through your wall. There will be a tube connecting the dryer to the vent, attached to the wall with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws. Then remove the tube from the wall to gain access to the vent.

best cleaning services

Clear the lint screen. To start, clear the lint screen the same way you would after doing laundry. You should do this every time you do your laundry. When cleaning the vent, first check the lint screen and remove any small amounts of lint. It’s always a good idea to start with a clean lint screen when cleaning your dryer.


Move your dryer. The dryer vent is located behind the dryer. You will need to remove your dryer from the wall to clean the vent. Sometimes very heavy dryers cannot be moved. It can also be difficult to move a dryer if space in your laundry room is limited. In these cases, you may need to hire professional cleaners.


Take the recommended diagnostic tests. Diagnostic tests are used to assess the quality of your vent cleaning. They can also determine if gas is escaping from the vent in your home and check for any gaps or holes in your dryer vent. Depending on the age of your home, cleaners may recommend diagnostic tests. Talk to cleaners about potential tests to see if they’re right for you.

Professional cleaning services

Budget for cleaning. Professional cleaning services can be somewhat expensive. In general, professional cleaning of a dryer vent can cost anywhere from $ 89 to $ 179. Figure out roughly how much you can afford to spend on cleaning the dryer vent. Call different companies and ask for a quote. Find a company that is in your price range.


Learn the signs that your vent needs cleaning Services. You should quickly clean your dryer vent when it shows signs of needing cleaning. Clean your dryer vent if you notice any of the following:

Cleaning a floor with a dryer

Keep the floor around the dryer clean. During a regular cleaning, sweep away any lint or debris that is on the floor of your dryer. Your dryer vent will suck dirt and debris from the floor, which can get the vent dirty more quickly. Regular sweeping helps keep the dryer vent clean.


Limit the use of drying sheets. Dryer linens can make your clothes cooler, but they can also contribute to lint buildup in the dryer vent. In general, choose not to use drying lint when possible. Fabric softener should only be used in moderation, as debris from softening laundry can clog the dryer vent.


Stick to short drying cycles. Perform drying cycles at 30-40 minute intervals. This allows for better air circulation. Poor air circulation can cause dirt and debris to build up in the dryer vent.


Vacuum the vent. Take the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the vent that digs into the wall, sticking the nozzle into the vent until it reaches the wall. Next, vacuum the tube that goes into the dryer, then vacuum the tube again until the nozzle reaches the tube. You should remove a lot of lint this way.


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