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The MOV video format is a trademark for Apple and is entirely compatible with their devices and window systems. At times it doesn’t work well on Windows operating system and should be converted into WMV for smooth operations. I also have been through the same issue at one point in my life when I need to create a wedding video for the bride and groom and have received the clip which I can’t able to play on my windows laptop. The deadline was tight, and I was doubtful that I will be able to complete the task in the given time duration or not. This is supposed to be a surprise for the groom, and I need to fix it ASAP.


The time was running out, and in the end, I didn’t have any option left except to reach out one of my friend who is a wedding organizer. And he gave me the solution to look for a video converter. My situation was grave as I did not only desire for video conversion but also require to edit the video too. As I was an expert in editing videos and creating my magic to make them at their best for the audience. With the video format conversion, I was very much concerned as I need to use other software for editing. As per my friend, she suggested me UniConverter, and when I was going through the features of the software, I found that it can perform the editing as well. I was surprised by the same, but on the other hand, was amazed as well.

I went through the guidelines for using the UniConverter and found that they are quite easy to use from any device. The results of editing and conversion are beyond my expectations, and I was thrilled to find a feasible solution for the same. Going forward, I will be using the UniConverter for my video-based issues as the output was quality based, and the process was short and quick. The UniConverter was best as it offered me a lot of choices to proceed and have given me the independence to edit my videos as per my requirements.

How to convert MOV format into WMV with the help of online UniConverter?

The online UniConverter was one such solution that I was looking forward and was the first thing that I used for my videos. The video conversion process is quite short with them and is compatible with any device you use.

  1. Open UniConverter in the web browser of your device. Click on “Add files” or the user can look forward to dragging and drop the files on the window.
  2. Start adding your MOV format files to the web browser.
  3. Now look forward to click on “convert to” option and look for drop down to choose WMV format.
  4. Once converted you can download the video directly or save it through the dropbox as per his requirements.

How to Convert MOV format videos into WMV with the help of desktop UniConverter?

Converting MOV format into WMV require the software to be downloaded on the device you are using. The software is compatible with the Mac and Window both the systems. It is one of the leaders in video conversion industry and help people in making videos as per their requirements.

  1. Run and install the desktop UniConverter on your device. Try clicking on “+Add files” to add directly the mov format files or you can look for dragging and dropping the videos on the software interface. The software also promotes the batch conversion so the user can also look forward for the same as well.



how to install MOV video formats

  1. Now click on arrow pointing downwards placed besides the tab named as “convert all files to”, now look for the options to enter the format list and then select the video tab for choosing WMV placed in the left sidebar. The software also allows you to select the video resolution at the right for confirming WMV as the output format.

Going ahead the user can check another option named as “+create custom” for editing their videos to produce the desirable results. The option will allow the user tos et video encoder, resolution, bit rate, frame rate and audio channel.

ways to install MOV video formats

Now click on convert all option to after setting all parameters for the video conversions. The converted videos can be found under output icon or converted tab.

diffrent ways to install MOV video formats



Difference between the online UniConverter and desktop UniConverter:


The online UniConverter and desktop UniConverter are the two products for video conversion and both of them are bets in producing quality videos. Although they are quite similar in function but have some limitations attached to them. The online UniConverter is best for the people who are looking forward for quick conversions while desktop UniConverter is one of the software helping professionals in converting their videos from one format to another. The online UniConverter at times get stuck due to long queue while desktop UniConverter can work independently and can give you the direct results. The online UniConverter does not allow you to download and install the software as you can access it through your device. For working on desktop UniConverter you need to download it and then perform your actions. The editing features are also limited in online Uniconverter on the other hand the desktop UniConverter provides a full solution for the users.


The UniConverter is one of the products launched by Wondershare Technology. The company hosts many products in online stream for people hailing from every corner of the world. Their products like Filmora, UniConverter are helping people looking forward for a feasible solution for videos. Being a decades old the company has proven themselves in many grounds, their products are detailed and offers the clients a perfect and complete solution within minutes. Going forward I expect the company to come up with many milestones and helping people to cross hurdles an

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