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YouTube is a video streaming service that offers a wide range of millions of different videos.

In this article, I will be writing about the steps to follow if you need to convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio. While video formats have become very popular, there are so many platforms, apps, and sites that still convert videos in mp3 format.

If you ever have to do a conversion to mp3, 3gp,f4v, aac,m4a, or WebM what you need is a YouTube to mp3  Converter.


YouTube has maintained its position as the most popular video-sharing website on the internet. The statistics show that there are over two billion hours of videos played on YouTube every day by millions of users.

To avoid watching an unwanted advertisement, which can cause long delays, you can simply rip the YouTube video music in an mp3 format, which will allow you to listen to it offline. If you find a YouTube video online and you would like to convert it to an mp3 audio format or any other format, just follow these 4 simple steps…


Step 1

On your browser, enter the address – The web page for the converter will load on your screen after a few seconds.

Next, find the youtube video that you want to convert and copy the valid URL. Please ensure that you have copied the complete URL, to avoid any errors.


Step 2

Paste the valid URL of your YouTube video in the search box of the converter. You will see the green button to start the conversion from the YouTube format video to the mp3 format you need.


Step 3

The conversion should start in a few seconds. Please note that your internet connection should be strong before proceeding.

After the conversion is completed, you can proceed to the next step and download it.


Step 4

You will need to download the video file that now in the format you selected.


To download the video file, please select your preferred download location first, and then click to start your download.

When the file has been completely downloaded, you should click on it to open.


Your downloaded mp3 file should play smoothly and have excellent audio quality. The mp3converter can be used on every device running on Android or iOS or any Web browser. It is a fast and convenient way to enjoy listening to your favorite YouTube music videos without bothering about advertisements. Give it a try!

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