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When you are pregnant, there would be a thousand questions running around in your mind. Most of them will be related to the symptoms you are experiencing and this is the reason why doctors advice expectant mothers to have a clear idea of all the symptoms they would possibly be experiencing during the weeks of pregnancy journey. Pregnancy is always an amazing ride and the symptoms you are facing is making your body stronger and preparing you for pregnancy. Out of all the symptoms, the most terrible one is the morning sickness. This starts right the minute to get up in the morning and this is more than enough to give you a worse mood through the entire day. One of my friends had to visit the best gynecology specialists in Noida as she felt so uncomfortable and started doing what she ought to do to get rid of this morning sickness.


Many research shows that 80% of the women experience nausea and 50% of the women experience vomiting sensation when they get up in the morning. Most of the women complain that they were feeling as they thought they did not sleep the whole night and some feel tired the entire day. All these things will start during the sixth or seven weeks of pregnancy and would peak during the 9th week. Let us see some of the expert tips on dealing with morning sickness:


  • If you are having one of those days where you feel worse of even getting up and you also have this strong feeling of not going to work or take a sip of coffee and lay down on the couch, then do it. Yes, you heard that right. Ditch work and relax. This will not only help you overcome your mental tension but also help in gaining confidence over yourself.
  • Since morning sickness is very strongly associated with your sensory glands, taking a fresh smell of lemon or coffee or something you like will help in from getting out of the sickness. Most of the doctors say that morning sickness is strongly associated with the smell as the high amount of estrogen in your body is to be blamed.
  • Go for a morning walk in the park where you can get some really fresh air. Yoga and meditation have proven to do magic during the phase of morning sickness.
  • Speaking up and laughing out is the best medicine for any sickness and fortunately, this also works for morning sickness as well. Tag along your bestie or your spouse and talk about the best days of your life and rejoice all those crazy memories.
  • It is also very important to understand the reason for your nausea. You might feel it because of the dust that is there in the room or the smell of the food that is cooked or even served to you and hence find out what is causing it.

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