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In 2019, there is an undeniable need to ensure privacy and data security for all healthcare-related information. This is the main reason why the healthcare industry HITRUST certification process is so important.


HITRUST certification is now a requirement for organizations that handle any kind of protected healthcare information. This also includes software developers that are involved in the healthcare industry and looking to get a green light for this process.


Companies looking to engage in HIPPA compliant software development are going to see great benefits from getting the HITRUST certification. This gives them more reasons to start this process – as it provides clearance for software development in the industry.


Today we are going to talk about five important benefits of obtaining a certification from the Health Information Trust Alliance.


1. Reduced audit times


One of the major benefits of getting HITRUST certified is that you are going to be able to avoid numerous audits requested by several different regulation certification alliances and organizations.


This is definitely an extremely important benefit because you will be saving plenty of time. With so many tasks and so many responsibilities, there is nothing more beneficial to any company or corporation in modern times than to save time.


It all comes down to time management for development shops and every second count. We are all counting every minute of the day in order to maintain competitive productivity.

2. Increased security


The HITRUST certification is going to allow your organization to take security to a whole other level. According to HealthcareWeekly, data breaches cost organizations an average of $380 per record. This does not include the huge loss in reputation that comes with such issues and the inevitable loss of trust in the affected brand.


It’ might seem like an exaggeration, but a single security breach can easily ruin a business beyond repair. The process of certifications is a great way to ensure that your organization is able to upgrade security levels in order to minimize the chances of security breaches.


Seeing the news on companies closing their doors because of a single data breach can be alarming. It is also a good reason to consider the value and importance of compliance with these regulations.


3.Extended compliance coverage


Think of this as the ultimate certification that covers most of the other certifications you will be required to obtain. HITRUST certification includes compliance requirements for ISO, NIST, COBIT, HIPPA and PCI.


The amount of time and efforts saved when you get HITRUST certified is more than enough of a reason to get started. You are going to be able to cover many requirements and you won’t have to deal with several organizations during this process.


Having to deal with each of these companies individually could mean months of delays. This is a very time-consuming task – one is not optimal for those who are dedicated to the process of software development.

4. A powerful branding advantage


The entire world is now concerned about privacy, and this is even more prevalent in the healthcare industry. According to Digital Authority Partners, being able to promote your organization as HITRUST certified is going to be an amazing way for your brand to reach new heights in terms of trust.


That one icon that shows this certification is your ticket to a large audience that is going to feel an instant level of trust when considering your services.


Think of this as a medal of honor that is going to give your potential clients a reason to feel confident about choosing your organization for their needs.


Development companies are going to see this as an amazing way to get more project approvals. This benefit alone translates to a more successful development venture.


5.Peace of mind


Stress and anxiety caused by business related issues is a huge problem. You might think that this is not an important reason. The truth is that being able to experience peace of mind in regards to your business security is an excellent way to boost productivity.


One of the great advantages of HITRUST is that it helps organizations come up with a solid framework. This allows them to deal with all security issues and prevents them from taking place. It’s important to note that the key element here is prevention – once the damage is one, the process of recovery can be extremely difficult.


This is very important for development shops as it gives them more time to focus on development. They avoid the many hurdles of several certifications and they can concentrate their efforts on their software-related projects.


Minimizing stress and ensuring a proactive and harmonious working environment is key for development purposes. With that said, the value of this certification is huge and should be seen as a top priority.

How to obtain your certification?


Obtaining your HITRUST certification is not going to be a simple process, but there is no need for it to turn into something difficult either. You can learn the five steps to for a HITRUST certification and this information will help you prepare for the process.


Any process that is going to give you so many advantages is going to require some work on your part. Just remember that this is one of those situations when investing time is going to be of great benefit.


Final thoughts

In a world that seems to be changing all the time and adapting to the changes related to big data, there is a sense of urgency that companies are experiencing when it comes to the safety of their private data.


Being HITRUST certified is going to help ease those concerns and it will give your organization an extra layer of security – one that is extremely important in times when privacy is such a delicate and problematic subject.

Development companies have too many reasons to get this certification, and no good reason not to start this process as soon as possible.


Hesitation is not an option when it comes to this certification, but it’s always good to know why it’s so useful and beneficial to obtain your HITRUST certificate.




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