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Morton’s neuroma will leave the feet tingling and you might think of it as a trauma injury. However, unlike acute injuries on the feet Neuroma Wappingers Falls, persists and does not get better with painkillers. Neuroma causes inflammation and swelling of the nerves between the bones of the toes. The condition occurs due when the bones and tissues on the toes exert pressure on the nerves resulting in irritation and inflammation. If you don’t treat Morton’s neuroma the growth enlarges as extra nerve tissues will continue growing on the site. These tips may alleviate tingling, and pain and reduce the growth of the nerve tissues.

Wear the Right Shoes

Most people will develop Morton’s neuroma due to ill-fitting shoes thus you should choose the right shoes. The shoe should fit snugly without putting pressure on the toes or leaving space between the heel and the shoe. Moreover, you should opt for athlete shoes when engaging in high-intensity activities as sports shoes have extra toe boxes to avoid exerting pressure on the toes. You should consider wearing high-heeled shoes less frequently and choose one with a shorter heel as it reduces the pressure on the feet. Moreover, you should choose the right socks as wearing tight socks may increase neuroma symptoms and worsen the condition.

Opt For Orthotics

Cosmetic and medical orthotics promote the comfort of the leg and toes as they cushion the feet from trauma. You can use over-the-counter orthotics for your shoe size as they fit most feet and are designed to meet your needs.

However, you may need customized orthotics if your condition is severe. A podiatrist will customize the right orthotics to address different feet’ needs. You can opt for ones with a little cushion over those with little or no cushion. The top layer should have foam and a cushion as hard and rigid plastic might be uncomfortable as you will be wearing it frequently.

Improve the Feet and Toe Strength

You might develop neuroma due to foot, ankle, and small foot intrinsic muscle weakness. Your podiatrist will recommend neuroma rehabilitation exercises that improve the condition. However, you should start the exercises slowly to avoid putting pressure on the toes and increase the intensity once you feel better.

Improve Balance

Poor balance results in muscle weakness in the foot, ankle, and toes as it breaks the kinetic chain. The broken kinetic chain makes it hard to walk properly thus the feet and toes will work extra hard to compensate for the weakness. You may try to balance on one foot and engage in exercises that build posture.

Seek Help

You should seek help if you don’t experience improvement of the neuroma condition within two weeks of managing the symptoms. It is possible to reverse neuroma with conservative measures, medications, and surgeries, thus you should get the needed help.

Although you may not know you have Morton’s neuroma, it is better to get the right diagnosis, if pain, tingling, and swelling on the toes do not improve with conservative treatment. Your podiatrist may conduct physical and imaging exams on the feet to identify the swollen nerves and recommend therapies, treatments, and surgery to deal with the condition. However, you can opt for home remedies such as exercises, wearing the right shoes and orthotics, and improving balance before opting for medications.

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