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Have a small kitchen or a grand one? Well, kitchen is not just a corner of the house to cook food. It’s a place to dish up food for soul, satiate the appetite, treat the soul, laugh, chat, enjoy each other’s company and hence it is deemed to be an important part of the house. So, whether you have a small one or a big kitchen, there are always great ideas to spruce it up. More so, it should be decked up to inspire some cherishing memories, enjoyment and of course food. Small kitchen might mean less room for decor, but there can be some innovative ways to decorate it. Every corner of your home and kitchen demand proper arrangements and placements of the furniture, tools and appliances.

You might already have a cleaned and decorated kitchen, but it still needs some more styling to lend a finished look. Let’s look at the myriads of possibilities of decorating this space.

      1. Keep it arranged

Its important to create an order in kitchen space. Often, dishes, pots, pans, groceries, spices, condiments, saucers, etc. lead to a complete chaos. Make sure you have a proper cabinet to keep things in order. Utensils should hang on a wall bar, micro oven and mixer and juicer should be placed at corners with plug points within easy reach. Condiments and spices should go onto the shelves in matching colourful or transparent jars on open shelves, while dishes and saucers should be piled onto dish holders. The cups, pots and glasses can be kept inside covered shelves with glass covers and coffee mugs hanged from mug rack and coffee canister. Knives can go on knife rack and spoons on modular. 

If you do not have enough cabinets, bring in some self-supporting pieces to hold your dishes, appliances and other essentials.

       2. Build a nice seating

Are you longing for an eat-in-kitchen?  A regular table will eat up a lot of your space, thus plan for a slide-in banquette. In this way, you can maximize the space while guests or your family members can pull in some chairs to fit in around the table.

       3. Have a meaningful collection

If you have an eye for aesthetics, look for something which will be meaningful to your kitchen. You can use the space above the cabinets and the eyes visiting your kitchen will be automatically drawn upwards. Place some vintage articles, vases, aquarium, show pieces or even books. You can also think of pitchers adorned with faux flowers. These should be some great ways to fill the void. Why not put some salt and pepper shakers as well?

       4. Hang vintage items

If there is enough room inside your kitchen you can hang some items on the wall. Those can be some family photos, vintage musical instruments, vintage baking and cooking tools, mirrors, etc. These will surprisingly deck up the wall art of your kitchen and thus flea market articles will be charming enough.

       5. Plan for an indoor garden

Do you have liking for green? Why not create an indoor garden above your cabinet and slab? So, buy some indoor plants which require less sunlight and place those near the kitchen window or above cabinetry. Low light plants placed near the window with sunlight coming in will add vibrancy to your kitchen. Make sure to use some coloured pots of same style to maintain consistency.

       6. Let there be enough light

If you have the scope to let natural light peep in then do so. Natural light is unparalleled way to brighten up this space. Also, apply vibrant wall colours to light up the kitchen. Also, try using white and grey as your base with a splash of fun pop colours of turquoise and lemon on the furniture. 

For cabinets, plan for some blue shades. Blue is always a cheery option for cabinets.

       7. Create bread or cake station

Is bread an integral part of your breakfast? If so, try creating a bread station at one corner of your kitchen wherein you can place loafs of bread, croissants, pizza bases, butter, cheese, margarine, butter knife, tray, etc. This will surely aggravate the look of your kitchen. If you have fetish for baking cake often, make sure to highlight that in your kitchen. Use a separate space to place cake oven, baking tray, butter papers, ladles, cake ingredients, etc. These will help to adorn the kitchen space as well as make the cake essentials handy.

       8. Bring in a nice stove

A stove can indeed transform your kitchen. Get a one which matches with the ambience of your kitchen as well as serve your purpose. More so, you can also buy a colour matching one.

       9. Place colourful and aromatic candles

It is always wonderful to light aromatic candles besides cooking. Place some near the stove and rest beside the dining table. Let it burn until bedtime to ward off any unpleasant smell. A tray can also be placed to hold regularly used kitchen essentials like olive oil glass bottle, salt and pepper grinder, utensil holder, dish washer liquid, butter dish, etc. 

        10. Exquisite soap dispensers

Pick some pretty looking dispensers instead of simple plastic bottles. These will make your sink look nice. You can also purchase some wired trays to corral these dispensers. Also, you can put some label marker to separate out the soap dispensers for hands and dishes. 

         11. Wired basket

Decorate your kitchen by adding some wired baskets by making those stand at corners of kitchen floor. You can get brass ones for this purpose. You can easily and nicely separate out the veggies and fruits like bananas on top row, avocadoes on the next, onions on the last, etc.

         12. Fabrics are important

A nicely woven rug on the kitchen floor can work wonders in adding a welcoming and warm look. If not, then make sure you have a splendid coloured floor. Also, curtains must be of great fabric, prints and hues and are great options to deck up the kitchen to match everything. 

Kitchen is the headquarter of everything edible in your house. Thus, to make it look beautiful and inviting, make sure to have a nice blend of aesthetics and functionality. The above ideas will create wonders in your kitchen and will entice your visitors the next time they step in.

The kitchen is a powerhouse of a home. It should be decorated with utter indispensability. You should start the upgrade process by keeping the kitchen space organized.

For an eat-in kitchen, try to opt for a slide-in banquette. You can enhance the aura of the place with vintage items, meaningful accessories, and useful instruments. Besides, you can try alluring wall painting ideas for kitchen.

A touch of an in-door garden with proper lighting is another way to decorate your kitchen. The addition of aromatic candles, soap dispensers, and wired baskets can keep the ambiance serene.

For baking purposes, one can make a separate bread or cake station. Make sure to choose a nicely woven fabric for that aesthetic and elegant touch.

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