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How to Decorate the home with Oriental rugsHow to Decorate the home with Oriental rugs

Adding oriental rugs to your home interior is an integral element that can change the entire look dramatically. However, the style, pattern, and colors of any carpet depend on your choice. Regardless of the location, there are some fixed rules on the rug size and design before buy rugs online. When it comes to rug placement, you may have to be very clear about specific vital parameters.

If you are thinking about decorating your home with antique rugs, either oriental or Persian 

1- Brighten the rooms 

The oriental rug size guide will help you to buy oriental rugs. If you are confused, then take proper measurements along the length and width of your room. One best rule states that subtract the 2-3 feet from all sides. Oriental rugs of this size make your room look bigger and brighter.

2- Ornament your location 

If you buy a rug that is for heavily patterned wall graphics, then subdues rug pieces will work more appropriately. However, the opposite will work in a different scenario. Make sure that maximum ornamentation is added by placing a rug. Try matching your carpet with accent furniture. If you are going to make everything the same, it will look like a mess. 

3- Natural materials add extra flair

No doubt, natural materials used in rug construction are more resilient. Suppose you are looking for some smart options; fine wool, silk or cotton. As compared to synthetic fibres, the natural fibres ageing process is relatively slow.

4- Furniture coasters will enhance the looks

Oriental rugs have the right pile height. But if you are going to place some heavy furniture on the oriental carpet, it may affect and damage the carpet. For heavy furniture, consider using furniture coasters. You may use a glass coaster to fulfil the purpose. They will maintain the pile heights and prevent the rug fibres from crushing. 

5- Shape is vital 

Oriental rugs with rectangular shapes make a visual pathway. The rugs with such shapes create an exciting appeal. The right form adds sense and space to your location.

6- Rugs add Harmony 

In living rooms and sitting areas, place an oriental rug that runs below the furniture or chairs. An oriental rug for such places must be large enough that you can easily roll the chairs. This adds harmony and defines the authentic aesthetic of your space. 

7- Rugs as wall hangings 

Try using an oriental rug as a perfect wall hanging. Rugs as wall hangings add warmth and style to your place. This helps in dampening the echoes and annoying sounds.

8- Heavy patterns are more functional

If you are living in an area with high traffic, consider buying some busy patterns. Such heavy patterns will hide the flaws and make your rug look more precise for a longer time. 

9- Oriental rug runners are versatile

Suppose you wish to make your hallway look more prominent and broader. You may buy an almost 4 inches narrow rug and 18-25 inches longer than the dimensions. Such large sizes will make your palace look more prominent and more extensive.

10- Use oriental rugs under the dining table

When putting a rug under a dining table, leave an estimated two feet of carpet from all sides to allow diners entering or leaving the table to pull out their chairs without getting stuck or tripping over the rug’s edge.

11- Contemporary look 

Oriental rugs are the active elements in providing a contemporary look. You can find a colourful yet modest carpet to make your space look more colourful and captivating.

12- Oriental rugs add value

Oriental rugs are handmade. As compared to machine-made rugs, these rugs add value, warmth, style and taste to your doubt, handmade carpets are expensive compared to machine-made rugs, but they are more durable and add an extraordinary flair to your entire home. 

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The quest for the ideal vintage rug is just the beginning of the interior design combat. When you carry your carpet home and start putting it down, you’ve officially joined the trend revolution. But don’t give up! All of these ideas will help you a lot in decorating your home with oriental rugs. Orientals rugs are the evergreen and timeless rugs that present seemingly endless looks.

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