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Dwelling Unit

Before you can build your accessory dwelling unit, you need to plan everything out from the dimensions to what the interior is going to look like. This step is crucial to ensuring you have enough money for the entire project and that the ADU comes out looking like how you want it to.

How Big Will Your ADU Be?

ADU’s are supposed to be compact but livable. There are certain dimension necessities to be aware of such as the fact that the ADU has to be a minimum of 150 square feet.There are also height restrictions based on the type of ADU that you should be aware of. You need to consult with your local zoning board to know the laws for your area.

Within the minimum and maximum dimensions, there are two distinct types of ADUs. You can have a regular ADU, or a Junior ADU. A JADU images out at 500 square feet, making it a much more compact option.

What Will the Interior Look Like?

A huge aspect of planning your ADU is determining what will go within it. Since you have such limited space, the appliances and furniture you need is going to play a big role in how you organize the ADU.

Before you pound in a single nail, you need to ensure that the size and shape you make each room will accommodate the appliances you need for basic living.

The good news is that there are a multitude of compact appliances available, but you need to ensure that you get the best ones for your available space. If you don’t, you may find that your ADU has become too cramped to live comfortably in.

Don’t Get Rid of Needed Aspects

To save space and money, many people think they don’t need important aspects like windows or washing machines. Don’t make this mistake. No one wants to live in a small dark box where they can’t wash their clothes. There are a plethora of design options to incorporate enough light and the needed appliances without making the ADU feel cramped. It is all about creativity and persistence!

Believe WHY you’re building an ADU

This is the tip I can’t stress enough. you would like to know WHY you’re building an ADU before you are doing anything.

Are you building an area for your parents to measure in order that they are often on the brink of the grandkids? Are you providing a home base for your parents when they’re not traveling? Are you investing during a unit to list on AirBnb? Are you creating a backyard apartment? Are you building a home so you’ll downsize?

Whatever the reason, WHY you’re building an adjunct Dwelling Unit will dictate many of the planning and budget decisions you create. Let’s get that nailed down first.

Tiny Houses Really are Tiny

Tiny houses can live largely. We began to style Accessory Dwelling Units in order that they’re comfortable and livable almost like the other home, but ADU’s in Portland, Oregon are limited to 800 square feet in size.

That means, we’ve to form smart decisions and set real priorities. Are you willing to offer up a full size refrigerator and stove to realize a fanatical workspace? There are many tiny options out there. we’d like to work out what’s really most vital to suit into your tiny house.

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