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Gone are the days when people wondered what Bitcoins (BTC) are and how they can use them. Instead, widespread acceptance and adoption have seen this cryptocurrency evolve to be the most preferred payment method for online transactions worldwide.

Launched in 2009, BTC is a form of cryptocurrency that is entirely virtual. It is the leading cryptocurrency in the world, with more than 5 million users. In addition, this virtual currency is decentralized, which means that banks or a government cannot control it. 

Nowadays, many e-commerce platforms worldwide accept Bitcoins as a legitimate payment to address customers’ needs. From buying goods via online retailers, donations to bill payments, there are several ways that Bitcoin holders can spend the cryptocurrency. This article will discuss how to do online shopping with bitcoin and how to pay with BTC.

How to do Online Shopping with Bitcoin

Nowadays, you can use cryptocurrency in more ways than you may think. Many online merchants now accept BTC as a payment method. Although some businesses do not accept cryptocurrencies directly, you can convert BTC into cash using alternative BTC payment method such as debit card. Below are some of the things you can pay for using Bitcoins while shopping online.

  1. Buying Gift cards

You can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies from online retailers. Several online sites such as EGifter and Gyft allow people to use BTC to purchase gift cards and then redeem them to purchase goods from other retailers such as BestBuy and Amazon, that does not yet accept BTC payments. 

  1. Purchase of Games and movies

You can also use BTC to purchase games and movies online, which is easy, safe and convenient. Microsoft is among the tech giants that have accepted cryptocurrency payment. This corporation allows customers to deposit BTC into their Microsoft accounts and buy movies, games, apps and other digital content. 

  1. Buying airline tickets

In recent years, an increasing number of airline companies accepts cryptocurrency payments in buying flight tickets. Using BTC to buy an air ticket is secure, convenient and avoids interruption from third parties. 

  1. Online shopping

Many internet retailers such as Overstock has embraced BTC payments, and Customers can shop and pay using this virtual currency for everything ranging from furniture, electronics, clothes to beddings. 

How to pay with Bitcoins

Paying with Bitcoins while shopping online is an easy and safe payment method if the business or person you are buying from accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Here are the three easy steps on how to pay with Bitcoins

Step 1. Choose your BTC wallet

The initial step is setting up your BTC wallet. Before you can pay for online purchases with BTC, you will need to set up a wallet where you can store your Bitcoins. A BTC wallet is a software program usually installed on mobile devices or computers. A wallet serves as an account in which you can store, pay and receive your digital currency. There is a wide range of crypto wallets on the internet, both for mobile devices and computers. Choose one that you think will be convenient for you, create an account using your details, and you will be good to go. 

Step 2. Buy Bitcoins

After setting up your wallet, you will need to load it with Bitcoins. You can do this by transferring them from another wallet or purchasing some using a debit or credit card. 

Step 3. Starting paying with Bitcoins

The final step is to pay the online merchant with Bitcoins. To pay, you will need to enter the BTC address of the seller, who will be the receiver on your wallet. Then you fill in the correct amount of Bitcoins you intend to pay on the payment box. Finally, click on the send button icon, and the transaction will be complete within a couple of seconds. 


Nowadays, you can use BTC to make an unlimited number of purchases online. From buying gift cards, video games to booking airline tickets, there are more and more things you can do with this cryptocurrency than you may think. However, for you to pay using BTC, you will need to create a BTC wallet, load it, and start paying. You can buy Bitcoin instantly with a credit or debit card. 

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