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How to double your team's productivity gradually as a leader

Every entrepreneur would want to be as productive as possible throughout the day. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has put small businesses at high risk and as everything now gets back to a new normal, efficiency will matter. Now, the only way a firm can back go to its usual profits depends on how productive its employees are, the onus of which lies on the leader.

Remember, there is no shortcut to doubling productivity overnight and it doesn’t mean that you get harsh and mean on the people who are also some way or the other affected by this pandemic. 

Call yourself a founder, leader, or entrepreneur; you will have to put your best in front as you also juggle multiple responsibilities of marketing guru, a sales lead, and answering client questions. Moreover, you will act finicky and want to respond to social media comments as well – not to forget, managing essential monthly finance remains the top task. Amidst this chaos, how do you expect yourself to be productive?  

Businesses move faster than ever and push company owners to respond more quickly and make decisions that impact. Successful companies are not responding to any niggling. They take advantage of what they have and handle everything with attentiveness and accuracy. We all strive to achieve minimum-maximum effects.  

Here’s how you can do that to ensure having the double impact of your inputs: 

#1. Outsourcing Expert Services 

Begin with eliminating tasks that do not fall under your domain of expertise. This is the first step towards being. It helps you plummet the time invested in unnecessary processes to ensure optimum performance, giving you more flexibility to carry out core business activities. For instance, it’s not your job or your businesses’ expertise to pay GST timely and stay complaint. Instead, you can hire a compliance partner who CAN file GST return online on your behalf and remain vigilant to not miss out on any critical dates. 

That way, you end up saving a lot of time wherein you outsource the activities in which you are not an expert. Here, you escape all the inconveniences of hiring a new team, which can instead prove to be a costly affair. 

#2. Process Automation 

The software helps us, depending on business needs, to automate any repetitive processes. Modern businesses should, therefore, aim automation of business processes and use technology to simplify tasks that any team performs. You can improve productivity by integrating innovative systems and programs that help automate all processes, enabling employees to move beyond conventional data management.

As a business owner, you can even use the planners to keep a close eye on your schedule and make sure you never spend more time. This helps you focus on one thing at a time and control your schedule effectively to ensure timely output. There are many methods for project management that the team can put to best use by firmly adopting the successful tools and techniques. This also reduces the risk of manual errors by saving them time and improving productivity.  

#3. Trusting your people 

Half your job is done by having the right person in the correct position where it all begins with having an A-Team for your startup. It ensures you have a knowledgeable team in place to recruit people for specific tasks. This means that micro-management is unnecessary, and people are responsible for performing their roles even without monitoring them. It could take time to work with the team to reach optimum performance, which would otherwise have been invested efficiently. The key lies in having a lean team and ensuring retention – this provides faster turnarounds and higher efficiencies. 

You have a team that conducts operations at a certain speed, try inspiring them to produce work at a faster rate. Otherwise, people need time to adapt to your atmosphere and respond to your standards, which is a costly exercise. Also, dismissing certain people who have tailored their expectations to suit the market speed is not advisable as it affects the morale of those who are working positively.

#4. One task at a time 

Many founders may find multiple managing jobs way too overwhelming, particularly when scaling up. The trick to completing the task is to prioritize each task before taking up the next one. It would involve coordinating activities to complete tasks within a given time. Instead of several tasks, one should concentrate on a single job. You do that, and including a team to do so will also have people seeing it and adapting to your standards and work protocol.

You will also have to block the calendar so that there are no meetings, no calls and even no fun requests from team members. The aim is to shut everything else to function efficiently. Doing this diligently will also give you time to produce results. 

#5. Leveraging Project Management 

Often the role of the project manager goes unnoticed in achieving client assignments and getting cheap work done. It is the leading position to have an effective solution and most businesses do not have this position and therefore none of the employees knows who is responsible for what. A Project Manager will direct the entire team and inspire the sales centre and take responsibilities to complete the project in the given timeline.

The strength of project management is to mobilize an entire team to achieve a single objective of increased performance. 


Again, apart from the points above, doubling your output would allow you to say ‘no’ more than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re inclined to say ‘yes’ to things like walking with friends at night and even refusing a tea invitation. No, all this won’t make you greedy, but you have time to focus on yourself. 

Try not to succumb to your urges and stick to your daily business. Using this as an excuse to just get away from the everyday grind of creating a company as long as it helps you run the business that brings value to your life, and even benefits employees and customers.

By Meets Patel

Meets Patel is a well-know business and tech advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy.

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