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Tutorial: How to draw a unicorn.

Through this easy tutorial, you will learn how to draw a unicorn in a few minutes. This tutorial is dedicated to children, beginners in drawing, and especially passionate about the rainbow unicorn. So, let’s go, use your pencils!

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Materials needed for Drawing and Coloring

  • Black pencil or marker
  • A blank sheet of paper
  • An eraser if necessary
  • Colored pencils to color the unicorn at the end

Please always keep the same color (black ideally) to draw the unicorn. The lines are marked in red on the images below to make them stand out in the picture. Happy drawing to you!

Tutorial to learn how to draw a unicorn 

  1. Draw the unicorn head

Start by drawing the front of the unicorn head. Next, draw a rough U shape like in the picture below.

  1. Draw the muzzle, eye, and ear 

The head of the unicorn takes shape at this stage. First, connect each side of the muzzle with a thin line to draw the shape. Then remove the closed eye of the unicorn as well as its ear.

  1. The Mane of the Unicorn 1/2

We will now take a look at the work of the mane of our magical unicorn! Composed of 2 small steps, the first is to draw the shape below on the unicorn’s head.

  1. The Mane of the Unicorn 2/2

The second step in drawing the mane consists of removing the lower part, in a particular part of the unicorn’s neck.

  1. The Legs of the Unicorn

This step involves connecting the unicorn’s neck to its legs. The unicorn drawing is taking shape, courage!

  1. The back of the unicorn

Connect the unicorn’s mane at the top of its legs to outline the back of the fantasy creature. Then, connect the two legs to form her stomach.

  1. The legs in perspective

Now draw the legs of the unicorn to bring perspective. This step is easier than it looks! Follow the lines as in the image below, and if the result does not suit you, erase and try again!

  1. The unicorn’s tail

The penultimate step, that of the drawing of the unicorn’s tail!

  1. Finishes of the unicorn’s tail and its horn!

Start by polishing the unicorn’s tail, drawing a few lines inside, to enhance its appearance. Then the long-awaited step, like the icing on the cake, the horn of our kawaii unicorn! The one that gives it all its magic and enchantment!

Coloring: Bring color to your unicorn!

The unicorn can only be as magical as when it is colored with a thousand and one colors! So, take the opportunity to embellish your unicorn drawing in rainbow colors!

This tutorial will teach you step by step how to draw a Kawaii Unicorn with your pens!

This guide to learning how to draw a kawaii unicorn is made for the little ones and the big ones, no excuse!

Do not forget to equip yourself with quality equipment

  • Pencil or marker
  • A blank sheet
  • Various colored pencils for coloring
  • Your motivation and the joy of living!
  1. Sleeping kawaii unicorn drawing

Below is the video of an artist showing you how to draw a kawaii unicorn head in just a few minutes.

  1. Kawaii unicorn drawing with flowers

The second tutorial teaches you how to make a kawaii unicorn drawing, but this time with a flower crown. Again, do not rush. You have all your time to make this drawing!

  1. Kawaii Cute Unicorn Drawing

Let’s continue with this third kawaii unicorn drawing proposal, made by the same artist who easily explains step by step to you how to draw your cute unicorn. This time, the unicorn is full head and body included! Life is not good

  1. Kawaii Magical Unicorn Drawing

The warm-up of the first drawings is over! You can finally get down to business and start with a kawaii unicorn drawing but probably a little more complicated than the previous ones. Do not be afraid, take confidence in yourself, everything will be fine, word of Silicone

  1. Kawaii Magical Unicorn Drawing

Well, at Lilicorne, we’re cool. So, here’s another kawaii drawing for your unicorn, much easier than # 4 (just above)!

  1. Kawaii unicorn mistress drawing

What would a kawaii unicorn be if its mistress does not accompany it? This drawing tutorial is a little longer and more difficult than the others. Take your time. Use your pens!

  1. Kawaii Unicorn Phone Drawing

Hop hop hop, not too fast, don’t forget to equip your unicorn and his mistress with a kawaii unicorn phone! This drawing is easy and quick, and super cute. With this unicorn accessory, you will always be connected to your mount

  1. Kawaii Unicorn Cloud Drawing

Let’s add some environment to our kawaii unicorn. What if we draw a little cloud with a horn? Let’s go:

  1. Kawaii Unicorn Panda Drawing

I think your Kawaii Unicorn might get bored on its own, right? So, it’s time to add a drawing of a unicorn in the shape of a panda!

  1. Kawaii Unicorn Panda Drawing

Do you know the expression: “Never 2 without 3”? So, if you have succeeded in drawing the kawaii unicorn panda, you are bound to succeed in removing the little kawaii unicorn whale!

And There you go. Also, to learn how to draw an easy unicorn.

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