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Professional Badge

The new trend in the education zone is to prove your accomplishments through a new type of credential called digital badges. They can be seen as the digital evidence of what have you achieved. Here is what you need to know about digital badges.

Digital Badge – What is it?

A digital badge is a reward that one’s receives online for making an accomplishment. It signifies the skills, Knowledge, and expertise acquired by s person. In simpler terms, when you finish a task, you get a badge from a specific issuing body, which could be a person or a credentialing organization. A badge acts as a digital proof for the work that a candidate has undertaken. For instance, if there is an examination that needs you to answer at least twenty questions correctly to pass, if you do so, you will be rewarded with a digital badge or else, an amazing written assessment. You will come across a multitude of websites that will describe the types of badges, awards and trophies or official certificates that they offer. Also, the profession that you are in and the career goal that you are wishing to achieve will play a huge role in the selection process.

And, there isn’t just one type of badge that you can earn. It is an image file with a validation code inserted in it. In a few cases, you are allowed to save or download the badge on your laptop and in many other cases, the badge cannot leave the website of the issuing organization. Whatever the instance might be, the badge still indicates that you have achieved something relevant.

Now you understand what a professional badge means, but have no clue about how it’s actually earned. I am going to solve your curiosity right away

The Ways to Earn Digital Professionals Badge

There is a variety of organizations which offer official badges as well as certificates for accomplishment over the internet. And, there is a wide range of badges that they provide. Not all, but there are a bunch of companies like Mozilla that have made a deep effort to set certain standards when it comes to issuing these digital credentials.

If you ever get confused about which badge to select and from which place to earn it, here is a list of questions that you can ask yourself to get rid of the perplexity.

  • How much effort would I have to make for acquiring the recognition?
  • What would I get in return for the tasks that I perform?
  • What kind of badge would I reactive?
  • How will people around me come to know about the authenticity of the badge?
  • Would I be able to download the badge or else it would remain locked over the issuing company’s website?

By answering these questions, you will be crystal clear about the professional badges that you must earn. Moreover, your decision will become easier once you begin your online search for digital credentials.

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