Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

There are various methods that as a student you can use to cheat in your ALEKS exams. It is not encouraged but sometimes you just have to especially if your results are dependent on you securing a position in a university or college or if that test is a requirement for you to move to the next step. Today, we share some of the top most creative techniques that you can use to cheat in your ALEKS examinations without getting caught.

  1. Water bottle technique

This is one of the most creative techniques you can use. The trick is to write your ALEKS answers on the paper that usually covers the water bottle and paste it back again. Nobody is going to question you why you are drinking water in the middle of the exam. If you spot a question with answers on your water bottle, all you have to do is drink your water as you read those answers. This method does not raise suspicions.

  1. Knees and thighs technique

Although highly risky, this is actually a good technique. All you have to do is write ALEKS answers on your thighs and pretend to be scratching any time you need to refer to your ‘notes’. Your thighs are normally hidden hence it is not easy to be caught and you can cheat away in peace.

  1. Writing answers on your desk

This is yet another innovative technique of cheating. You can scribble some acronyms or whatever method of writing on your desk that you will be able to read. Writing full answers and in clear visible writing can get you caught. Write in faint and preferably acronyms that you will be able to remember. This way, in the event that you get caught, the teacher will not be able to figure out the contents on your desk or relate it to your exams.

  1. Write on your finger nails

Your finger nails of course will not be able to hold a lot of information but you can maximize and write some of the most important points. These again work very well with acronyms as there is not much surface area to write a lot. The trick is to also not write on the most visible parts and to write as faint as possible but visible to you. Try not to use a conspicuous color of pen so as to not attract attention.

  1. Calculators with memory

There are calculators that have a memory back up in them. You can use this technique to hide some ALEKS answers that you may need to refer back on. If you spot a question that you had saved answers on, you can go back and revisit. A calculator is not prohibited in an exam room but just ensure that you do not pull out your calculator during the French exam as it will raise some eyebrows.

  1. The invisible pen

Technology today has enabled the use of pens and invisible ink. You can, therefore, copy some of your answers either on your desk or on a paper and it will seem to be blank. This trick is so far the best because no one can really tell you are cheating. If you are just staring into a blank paper, you might confuse people for being so engrossed in your thoughts!


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