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If you’re thinking of investing in one of these systems, you need to have a plan to make the system as effective as possible. The following is a simple guide that should help you get the most out of the system you’re thinking of incorporating into your business.

Creating the Script

Okay, so you know you won’t need a live caller to make these calls. You’re already winning because that means your labor force could dedicate their time to something else. This also means you have time to get the call right before it’s even made.

One first thing you want to do after investing in a ringless voicemail system is to create your script. You want to test it out as often as you can to make sure it’s effective. Try to ensure that the testers are regular folks so that you get an unbiased reacting to your script before recording.

Getting a Voice Actor

You want the person making this call to embody everything you want your company to embody. This means you want the person to sound clear, smart, trustworthy, empathetic, or whatever you want. You could just get someone in your company to record the voicemail, which is okay; some companies do this to save money.

Ideally, the person in your company has the voice acting skills to pull this off for you, but the likelihood of this being the case is low. You will most likely need a voice actor who can convey all of these things with his or her voice. Take this part seriously. The right voice actor can be very effective.

Scheduling the Call

You will schedule each outgoing call. That’s the beauty of investing in one of these systems because you can control when each call is placed throughout the day. If your business has customers in various areas of the country, then you can schedule the calls in different time zones at the appropriate time.

You’ve probably done your research and know the best time to call, which should come in handy right now. Your team can carry on with their tasks because these calls will get placed when you want them to be. You’ll fall in love with this amount of power.

The Follow-Up Call

Sometimes, a business has a hard time making that important reminder call. This could be the call that reminds customers a sale is on the way or that they need to complete a purchase. The reason this is challenging for businesses is that it takes time to figure out which customer to call at what time.

With this kind of system, those calls are automatically placed, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The customer is given important information that could lead to a sale. This is an effective way of using this system, but you will have to create a good script using testers to make sure your message is inspiring.

Targeting Calls is Easier

If you’ve got a strong database with loads of information on your customers, then you can use that information to make targeted calls. You know just how effective targeted calls are nowadays.

Customers want to feel like you know them. They want to feel like they’re special, which is the reason targeted calls can work wonders for you. You’ll need to create small groups of customers with similar interests for the departments of your business. Send calls to those folks, reminding them of sales happening in the departments they frequent.

You have all the tools you’ll need to make this investment as good as it can be. Remember to update your scripts every so often so that they don’t seem repetitive, which is not good.

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