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The ‘90s are back with this amazing sidekick that is successfully making a bold comeback, and we can get enough from it. To wear a leather fanny pack you don’t have to necessarily look like a lost tourist or your dad, especially if you know how to wear it with style. In terms of fashion, vintage always returns, and this time it is for the better. Trends that were but a happy memory from the good old nineties are having an epic comeback, finding them on nearly all catwalks and showcases from clothes stores in the biggest cities, and belt bags are one of those sweetest surprises that we are glad to receive. Whether you like it or not, fanny packs are back with a special strength. So, if you consider yourself a big fan of fashion, you need to read the best tips to take your outfit to the next step by pairing  it with a leather belt bag.

How to start if you are trying this trend for the first time

If you consider yourself a beginner in regards to this trendy piece, our recommendation is to look for a balanced outfit, nothing too boring and not too extreme. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you should pull off this fierce novel trend, but it might be wiser to choose a leather belt bag which features a neutral color such as the legendary black, an elegant white or nude. Another alternative is a timeless brown along with your favorite outfit. By opting for one of these shades you can rest assured to create balance within your clothes, a neutral leather  belt bag will go well with nearly anything.

Where should you wear your bag?

For a laid back look, opt for using it at the level of the hips, or you can choose an elegant, well-dressed style by clinching it around your waist. Now, you can experiment with placing the bag at the middle of your body or at one of the sides (left or right, whatever feels better), in case that you want to feel a more sophisticated look. Another alternative that many people love due to the reckless look is slinging it sideways at the chest level. The trick here is to start trying new ways to style your leather belt bag, feeling what works better for you and reflects your vibe.

The good old jeans

Using casual clothes is not a restriction to wear your leather belt bag like a real fashionista, whether you are going to the university or having a busy day at work, you can make this look work with a bit of creativity. In fact, a beautiful pair of jeans is the optimal complement for many types of accessories. When it comes down to belt bags you can choose between wearing them around your hips or adjusting it at your waist level, you can take advantage of the belt loops included in your jeans just like you would wear a regular belt. 

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