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A Leader is the Hero that the player choose to lead their Troops into combat and provide them with additional benefits. The tiny glowing crown above their symbol distinguishes leaders from other heroes. Avatars, which are the symbols used in the in-game chat, are not necessarily the same Hero as Leaders. By tapping on another player’s profile, you may see who their leaders are. In their individual profile box, players can alter their Leader.

To directly prevent opponents from capturing their Leader, Protecting Players can employ a Shield or use lord mobile codes to get premium items and free boosts. The Leader can also be dispatched with a Garrison to another Guild member. They can also be dispatched to a Camp or a Resource Tile, although none of these options is advised for defending your Leader.


Other players can capture a player’s Leader in Lords Mobile after they reach Castle Level 10. When Castle Level 17 is attained, opponents can also execute the Leader. In-game symbol will have bars over it if your leader has been caught, and details about your captor may be read while checking your profile. If your leader has been executed, a tiny halo icon will appear instead, and the dead leader will be displayed on your profile.

Lords Mobile players who have kidnapped a Leader can establish a Gold Ransom for the captive player to pay in order to reclaim the Leader. A player who has lost their Leader can also place a Bounty on their captor, which can be claimed by another player if they successfully assault and rescue the Leader. A Bounty can’t be repaid after it’s been set.

Lords Mobile Players can use Devil’s Cap to poison their own Leader if they are caught, and they will die within 24 hours. When a Leader dies, it will resurrect after a few days, but it may also be restored quickly using a Revival Fruit. Once you execute a leader, you’ll need an altar to earn a boost, and creating one isn’t simple; it needs a level 17 jail, which will likely cost 20k gems, or a few months of game time if you’re lucky enough to locate the goods needed to create your prison. I was taught that if you don’t revive your leader, he will return back to life after 7 days, so I assume the fruit merely accelerates this process?

What Happens if your Hero Gets Captured in Lords Mobile:

1) Until your leader is restored, you will not receive any talent bonuses.

2) Your hero is kidnapped for three days before being executed. You may either buy a revival fruit for 60,000 guild coins/1000 gems to instantly revive your leader or wait 7 days for auto-revive. This is a complete waste of time because you won’t get a skill increase until 3 days after being caught and another 7 days after resurrecting if you wait. It’s a waste of time because your skills don’t provide you any building or research speed bonuses, slowing down your progress, especially if your heroes are continually kidnapped.

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