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Are you searching for best way to Extend Phones Battery Life ? then you are in right place   Even in 2018, it is difficult to go much more than 24 hours without charging your smartphone.  Better battery technology simply hasn’t arrived yet, which means it is down to applications and settings to eke out the limited electricity for as long as you can.

The most current Qualcomm chips are more energy-efficient than ever and at the upcoming Android P(for which a public beta is currently available). For Example, there’s an Adaptive Battery mode that restricts how much electricity apps you seldom use are permitted to consume.

Unfortunately, despite this new mode, you are never going to have a week’s use from a smartphone due to those big, bright displays together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G. That is before you consider our attachment to gaming and video streaming.

However, by following our advice and making several adjustments to your phone’s settings (and even changing how you use your phone). You should have the ability to extend its battery life with a great chunk. Nowadays there’s an enormous selection of mobile power banks, which you can use to charge your phone on the move.

Plus, for those who have a favorite handset, you might find there are particular instances which incorporate batteries to give you additional power at the cost of only a bit more bulk and weight.

Our objective is to explain how you can decrease your handset’s energy intake without making it unusable. So, here are the ways you can enhance your smartphone’s battery life. In addition to the battery saving myths that will not help in any respect.

Here follow these steps to extend your phone’s battery.

Dim the Screen Brightness:

You love your smartphone’s big, colorful screen, but it is the battery’s mortal enemy.  More than any other element of your smartphone. The display consumes battery life at a devastating pace.  Most smartphones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to match ambient lighting level.

This mode uses less electricity than always running your screen at full brightness will, obviously, but you’ll get better results by turning your display’s brightness down to the lowest setting which you can endure and leaving it there.  Even if you do nothing else we indicate after this 1 tip will extend the life of your battery life radically.

Turn Off Bluetooth:

No matter how far you love using Bluetooth with your headset, your wireless speaker or activity tracker, the excess radio is continually listening to signals from the external world.  When you aren’t in your car, or when you aren’t playing audio, switch off the Bluetooth radio.  By doing this, you can add an hour or more to your phone’s battery life.

Always choose a short screen timeout:

Your phone’s screen settings menu, you need to get an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’, ‘Sleep’ or something similar.  (On an iPhone, start looking for Auto-Lock from the General settings menu).  This setting controls how long your phone’s screen remains lit after getting input, like a tap.

Every second count so set your timeout to the shortest available time.  On most Android mobiles, the minimum is 15 minutes.  If your display timeout is currently set to two minutes, then consider reducing that amount to 30 minutes or less.

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Turn on GPS when you need only:

Another huge battery sucker is programmed using GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular data for tracking your location.

As an individual, you can reverse programs’ accessibility to place services, or set amounts (in Android) to ascertain how much power they use.  In Settings > Location, you may pick High precision when you need it, or Battery saving if you don’t.

Turn off Wi-Fi:

Much like Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi is a severe battery drainer. There is a very little point in leaving the Wi-Fi radio when you are out and about.

Off it when you go out the door, and turn it back on only when you intend to use data services within the range of your Wi-Fi system. In iOS, it is easier than ever to toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off and on.

Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Centre. The exception to this rule is for location services because Wi-Fi can assist your phone to get a GPS fix using less electricity.

Don’t leave apps running in the background:

Multitasking – the capability to operate more than 1 program at a time – is a powerful smartphone feature. It could burn a great deal of electricity, because every app you run utilizes a share of your telephone’s chip cycles (however this isn’t true of programs – view the myths section below). If you have an idea you can use online tools instead of applications. You can read our post how to download YouTube videos without any software.

By killing apps which you aren’t actually using, you can dramatically lower your CPU’s workload and cut back on its energy consumption. In Android, tap on the multitasking button usually the right-most of the three icons at the bottom of the screen – and you can swipe apps to close them.

In iOS, double-tap the Home button so that the multitasking display appears, then swipe to close the program.

Turn off non-essential notifications:

It appears as though virtually every app now polls the net seeking updates, messages, news, and other info.  If it finds something to light up your screen and display a message or do all the above.  All these things consume energy.

You probably don’t need to turn off notifications about new text messages or missed calls. Turning off superfluous notifications will let your battery last a little longer, and it’ll eliminate unnecessary distractions during your day.


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