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An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in general anesthesia and pain management. They are often the most experienced of health care providers involved in surgery, more so than the surgeon or any other physician. Anesthesiologists manage several vital functions before, during, and after surgical procedures to ensure patient comfort and safety. A solid understanding of what an anesthesiologist does and how you can best contact them is critical before undergoing any surgical procedure. Here are some tips on how to find the best Hyattsville anesthesiology specialist.

  • Determine Where You Will Have the Treatment

The first step in finding a qualified and capable anesthesiologist is to research the facility to get your surgery done. If general anesthesia is necessary, the health care provider who sees you through your entire patient journey must be available at the facility. Since this is a vital role in which a stranger oversees the health of your body, you should ensure that they will be present before making a final decision on where to have your surgery done. If a specialist is not available, it may be advisable to look into other facilities or surgeons with positive working relationships with anesthesiologists.

  • Check Their Qualifications

Anesthesiologists are required to have graduate degrees from medical schools and full licensure in the state they practice. The American Society of Anesthesiology provides a list of board-certified anesthesiologists who have successfully passed rigorous testing on their knowledge and expertise. This extensive program is only open to physicians who have completed an accredited anesthesiology residency program and received board certification. The ABA requires all its members to complete at least forty hours of continuing medical education every two years.

  • Check Their Record

It is also essential to review the anesthesiologist you are considering for your surgery in official, peer-reviewed journals or medical textbooks. Highly qualified anesthesiologists have produced multiple articles that have been published in established publications, which you will note on their web pages and resumes. A simple search online can show how frequently an individual has served as an author for articles published in medical journals, which can be reviewed in detail by following the citation link. The more regularly an anesthesiologist is cited and referenced by their peers, the more reliable they are.

  • Consider Their Philosophy

Anesthesia philosophy is the next thing to research after finding out who will be overseeing your surgical procedure. It is common for patients to feel more at ease when they already have a good rapport with their doctors, so you should consider this when considering possible surgeries. An anesthesiologist’s philosophy either makes for a good fit or doesn’t, and their attitudes toward medications and pain management will be apparent in all interactions. It’s important to express any concerns to your doctor and the surgeon (if different) so that you both feel comfortable with where you go from here.


In summary, there are several things to consider when you need an anesthesiologist for a surgical procedure. First, make sure that the facility you choose has the necessary specialists available. Then research the background of your potential doctors and see where they have published their work to increase its validity. Review their philosophy and talk about any concerns with your surgeon to ensure they are the right fit.

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