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How to Find An Apartment When You Are Moving to Chicago

If you are planning to move to Chicago and searching for a new apartment, you need to consider some factors before making your decision. Often it seems that renting an apartment is not a tough job as there are experts like a property manager who can ease your work. But remember, a professional will help you to settle the documentation and other renting procedure only. Picking the right home is your decision and it should be taken wisely. 

The following guide will help you to find an apartment when you are moving to Chicago


Hope you have already heard about the rule of spending 30% of total income on housing rent. For example, if your monthly income is $3000 then don’t spend more than $1000 on rent. Chicago is an affordable place for renting an apartment. If you want to save more money on rent, you can find a roommate in Chicago as well. But still, you have considered the additional costs besides the main rent. Try to identify the regular price for different amenities and necessities that you will spend each month to fix a perfect budget for apartment renting. 

Think about your transportation cost, groceries and other expenses like insurance then you will definitely find what should be the logical budget for your next apartment. 

Best Places 

Use online platforms like www.aptamigo.com to know more about the different locations, neighborhoods of Chicago which is an important point to consider. Chicago has many communities and all are attractive to live in. But the fact is you have to choose the perfect one which matches your lifestyle, career most. 

Some of the significant areas in Chicago which you may like: 

  • Hyde Park
  • South Shore
  • Edison Park
  • Lakeview
  • West Loop
  • Lincoln Park

To choose the perfect location you need to consider the following determiners: 

  • Is this location suits you or not 
  • How far it is from your study place or work 
  • Availability of transportation 
  • Restaurants and amusement 
  • Groceries 
  • Crime rate 

Make a tour before moving

Though you already have decided to move to Chicago after comparing the big cities and states like Texas or California, you need to think twice as you might research online only. Now it’s time to make the decision. Make a quick trip and visit Chicago to know the place better than ever. 

Arrange the Proper Documents 

Your property managers or landlord may ask for any kind of papers and documents that they think important to take their decision. Usually, they seek proof of income, identity verification, employment documents, bank statements etc. So, prepare yourself by arranging all possible documents that the process will not prolong. 

Verify carefully 

Verify your lease document properly. Remember, this is a legal contract and you are bound to follow this. So, read through carefully and in case of any confusion talk to your landlord directly without any hesitation. 

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Visit the apartment before signing the lease. Check carefully if there are any damages that are not mentioned in the lease contract. Inform your landlord or property manager about the issues. 

Now you are all set to move to Chicago and rent your dream apartment without any hassle. Share your experiences with us.

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