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The city of London has grown to become a very popular tourist destination a reason why many people are flocking there this December. The London City has developed along the River Thames which makes it the largest urban sparrows in the continent.

The city also has a rich history of immigration and settlement. This is what makes it a hub for diverse world cultures. It has everything for anybody to enjoy, regardless of where you are coming from and what you are coming to do in London.

For visitors that love food, London is the only city in The UK where you can enjoy different types of foods. Let’s now talk about the beautiful architecture and the wowing theater shows in the city. London is the hub for all the unique international designs where you can come to see structures such as St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, The shard, The Gherkin and many other buildings.

London is also the home for the most fascinating museums and nature. For people travelling to visit National parks or Art Galleries, the city is also a good match. I can promise you that if you don’t have enough time, you will soon run out of time to tour its major streets.

Always be flexible with your travels

If you want to find cheap travels, always make sure you are flexible with your travels. This way, you will definitely land cheap flights any time of the week. The fact is that air ticket changes from time to time which means it’s likely you can find cheap air tickets on a weekend or even a week day. The reality is that a one day difference can mean a lot on the amount of dollars you save.

Avoid Travelling during the festive seasons

If you want to find the cheapest tickets, then it’s advisable not to travel during the Christmas or other festive seasons including Thanks Giving and New Year’s Eve. This is the time with the highest demand which may mean you will have to pay higher. The best time to travel is August because it’s a big month and the cheapest time to travel.

Fly Budget carriers

Today, I can assure you that you will find many cheap and affordable airlines, besides the traditional expensive airlines. The good thing is that there are many budget airlines that can facilitate your travel from Hong Kong to London. The cheapest airlines in Europe and Asia are: the Wizz IAir, Eurowings, Vueling and many others.

Don’t always fly direct

Flying direct will cost you additional amount of money. Though, if you choose to connect to London, you are likely to save a lot of money. However, this starts by being flexible with your flight. If you don’t have a deadline, it will be easier to save some money along the way.

Search deeply

If you want to find the cheapest flights from Hong Kong to London, don’t always search from one search engine. You should spare enough time to search online comprehensively on different engines. The fact is many search sites will never list budget carriers.

How to fly to London from Hong Kong

If you live in Hong Kong and planning to flying to London, there are several options. There are also many ways you can save some money along the way. What this means is that flying to London shouldn’t be your financial burial. We have shared some information to make it easy to travel from Hong Kong to London and also ways to find cheap flights from Hong Kong to London.

Which airports serve Hong Kong to London?

The best option is to start your journey from Hong Kong International Airport. This is actually where most of the flights depart. Hong Kong International Airport is situated on the Check Island on the west of Hong Kong. This island is about 36 KM from the city Centre.

Which airlines can save me money from Hong Kong to London?

There are many airlines operating this route. They all charge differently a reason you should search to be sure you can save some money on flight fare. If you want to travel to London from Hong Kong easily, comfortably and affordably choose Virgin Atlantic, British airways, and Cathay Pacific Airways.

All of these airlines provide daily and affordable travels from Hong Kong to London. They also offer direct flights between the two cities. There are several other companies that provide flights between the two cities. It’s now up to you to research on prices and determine the airline that charges the little air fare.

How long it takes to travel from Hong Kong to London

In normal weather, this may take about 13 hours when you take direct flights. If you don’t choose direct flights, you may take up to 15 hours.  So, the time you want to take between the two cities will directly be determined by the type of flight you take.

Season and Air fare

Yes, there’s a huge climatic difference between the two cities. London is a little bit cooler than Hong Kong year long. Hong Kong is warmer the entire year with high levels of Humidity. London also experiences cold winter and warmer summer. So, the season you choose to travel will also determine the prices you pay. In some situations, the summer is the most expensive season to travel to London. The reason is because of the increase in demand which will automatically affect the prices. You are also advised to carry enough clothes because the weather in London can change rapidly.

I bet the advice above is enough to help you save enough money on your tours to London. However, you have room to search further and be sure you don’t waste a lot especially when you are travelling on a budget. Though, if you are keen enough, the above tips and information is enough for your budget travel to London from Hong Kong.

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