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The Texas Department of Criminal Justice keeps all inmate records in state jails and prisons and other items to follow each person throughout the criminal justice system. The database includes all facilities administered by the Texas department of criminal justice and other state jails and prisons but does not include county jails, city jails, or any other detention facility.

The inmate’s records include fingerprints, mugshots, arrest records, police reports, confinement facility records, court records, video and audio clips, and other evidence records.

However, the most basic record must include the offender’s name, gender, age, race, date of birth, and other important physical descriptions. Texas inmate search record also includes criminal charges, sentencing, and other confinement details.

Texas Jail and Prison System

Approximately 90 correctional facilities in Texas are under the direction of the Texas department of criminal justice. The department also contracts with nine other private correctional facilities. All these state-owned and state-run facilities are split into six regions across the state.

In only the state prisons and jails, Texas has many offenders, over 163000 not accounting for the federal jails, local jails, and other detention facilities. Due to this big number, there is a lot of overcrowding in Texas state prisons and, therefore, a need for a Texas inmate search system. However, those serving short sentences and pretrial inmates are held in the local county jails.

How to Search for Inmates in Texas State Jails

The Texas department of criminal justice has the Texas inmate search website for the public to help locate the offender incarcerated in state jails. You can search by the inmate’s name, SID number, or TDCJ number, then narrow down the results with race or gender selection.

The results displayed contain information such as the inmate’s name, gender, TDCJ number, projected release date, the unit assigned to the inmate, race, and age. Click on any row or column to check other additional details such as parole eligibility, file case numbers, offense history, and scheduled release date. 

How to Visit, Contact or Send Money to Inmates in Texas

You can pay a visit to an inmate in Texas once a weekend; however, you should remember to have a valid ID, follow all the regulations regarding visiting an inmate in Texas and wear appropriately. Family and friends can also send money to inmates through specified money transfer systems such as cashier’s check or money order, Jpay, touch pay payment system, and America’s cash express.

Inmates can also receive calls; however, your number must be registered with the Texas prison. You are also allowed to purchase prepaid phone time for the inmate. You are also allowed to send mail to inmates, but once received must be inspected before mailing.


The online Texas inmate search service is the most convenient and safe way to search for inmates in Texas state jails and prisons. However, any unauthorized use of such information is punishable by the law. To do an inmate’s search, visit the inmates’ search website, enter details such as the inmate’s name, SID number, or TDCJ number, and then narrow down the results with other inmate’s details such as race selection and gender.

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