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Your Canon printer is one of the important peripheral devices. When your Canon printer shows any error to you, it needs to be fixed immediately. Printer devices can show you errors due to numerous reasons. If your Canon printer is not printing, you need to check the software and firmware for the error. Most of the Canon printer errors can easily be fixed.

Common reasons for behind Canon printer, not printing error:

  1. Your printer is not connected
  2. The printer is unable to communicate with the PC
  3. Paper jam on Canon device
  4. Low ink level
  5. Lots of pending print jobs
  6. Printhead or fuser gets damage
  7. The cartridge is not installed correctly

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Troubleshooting Canon printer errors:

Inspect your Canon printer connection

When your printer is showing a printing error, you need to check the connection immediately. When you have connected the printer to the PC with a cable, check the USB cable. Please take out the cable from your printer and PC and reinsert it properly. If the USB seems loose or faulty, try another cable. Connect another device with the cable to check whether the cable is working or not. If not, you need to purchase a new USB (high-speed) cable for connecting your Canon printer to the PC. When taking wireless (direct) printing, check the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi on both of the devices. Disable the Wi-Fi and wait for a minute. Now restart the Wi-Fi and check the connection. Canon printers also provide network printing to the users. Disable the Wi-Fi button on your printer and restart it. Wait until the printer connects to the network and then try to take the printouts.

Check your Canon printer driver.

Your printer will show a Canon 5b00 error and stop working if the printer driver gets corrupted. Your printer can’t communicate with the PC without the driver. This driver transfers all your print commands from the PC to the printer. If the printer driver gets outdated or corrupted, the print won’t understand the command, hence showing the error. On your computer, go to the Canon printer driver. Right-click on it and check for the update. If a new update is available, then you have to install it immediately. When your driver gets corrupted, repair the files. You can install the driver repair tool from the internet. Open the web browser and search for the driver repair tool. Now install and run a driver repair tool and follow the instructions. The tool will repair your corrupted driver files. In case you don’t want to install the driver repair tool, then reinstall the Canon printer driver. Visit the Canon website and download a new driver of your printer model. Now open a document on your device and try to take a printout.

Check the ink 

Check the ink level on your cartridge. Sometimes, printers didn’t show the low ink warning message and stopped printing. You need to check the ink level on your printer. If the ink level is low, purchase a new cartridge. But the cartridges cost a lot. You can easily refill the ink on your cartridge. Always purchase high-quality ink for your printer; otherwise, it will ruin the print quality. If you are using the printer after a long time, the ink may dry up. You have to mix some solvent on the ink drum. Now shake the drum carefully until the ink gets mixed well. Again install the cartridge on your printer and try to take a printout.

Delete all the pending print jobs

Canon printers can start showing the printing error when the printer memory gets full. Canon printer memory stores the print jobs. When the user gives lots of print jobs to the Canon device, the memory gets full and starts showing the error. When your printer shows the error, you need to remove the pending jobs from your printer. For troubleshooting the error, remove all the pending jobs from your Canon printer:

  1. Go to your Canon printer monitor
  2. Select Display Print Queue
  3. Your print queue window will appear
  4. Click on Cancel All Documents
  5. A confirmation window will appear on the screen

Click on the Yes button, and all the pending jobs from your printer will get removed. Now restart your printer and give new print command. Check whether your Canon printer is now taking the commands or not.

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Clean the printhead

Users need to clean the printhead regularly; otherwise, it gets clogged with dry ink. The clogged printhead can also start showing the error. Canon has a printer utility tool that can clean your printhead automatically:

  1. Turn on your Canon printer
  2. Go to the printer properties dialog box
  3. Choose the Maintenance tab
  4. Select the Deep Cleaning option

Now you have to choose the ink group and then click on the Execute button. A confirmation window may appear on the printer screen. Click on the OK button, and the power lamp will start flashing. The printhead cleaning may take about 2-3 minutes. For deep cleaning, repeat these steps twice and then try to take printouts with your Canon printer. Users can also clean the printhead manually with an alcohol-based cleaner and cloth. After cleaning, please wait until it dries completely and then use the printer. Please make sure the printhead or fuser is not damaged or overheated otherwise, and you need to replace them immediately.

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Paper Jamming

Paper jamming appears on old printer models. But sometimes, new printers can also get into a paper jam when the pages in the input tray are not aligned correctly. Open your Canon printer and remove all the junk and paper chunks. Now close the access door of your printer, align the pages on the input tray and then check for the error.

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