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At times while attempting to open a Word file you may receive an error message that says that the file cannot be opened due to issues with its contents. In this article we look at resolving such errors and recovering data contained in affected files with the help of the DataNumen Word Repair application.

The MS Word application has been a perennial companion for most Windows users for ages. Given our familiarity with MS Word and the application’s rich feature set, many of us take it for granted that it will continue to work perfectly as always. While there is very little to complain about the MS Word application in general, the data files created by it can often cause issues. At times they may get corrupted or get messed due to any software issue or throw up inane error messages. One such error message is “The File …… cannot be opened” and it mentions that problems with its contents are to blame.

Possible Causes 

Typically when this error shows up, most of us have no clue at what we are dealing with and try to recover the file using the suggested steps. When you first notice the error, you would find the error message containing a detail section mentioning that the file might be corrupt and hence it cannot be opened. If you click on the OK button a next dialog would appear which would ask you whether you would wish to recover the document. If you click on Yes, the word application would attempt to recover the file but it is unable to do so, it would display a reason like some parts are missing or the file is corrupted. In many cases where MS Word throws up this error, it fails to recover the files. 

There can be several causes behind such an error message with the most likely scenario being the file getting corrupted due to a read-write error or data corruption during transfer. In some cases attempts to open a word file with an incompatible application can cause this issue.

Recovering Contents from an Affected File

If you are looking to recover contents from a file that is affected by this error, your best bet is to bring in the powerful DataNumen Word Repair application. This sophisticated tool can quickly repair Word document and recover the data present in the document within minutes. All you would need to do is launch the application and choose the file you want to recover. Once you have chosen the corrupted file, enter your output filename and location and click on the Start Repair button to complete the recovery process. This versatile application can easily recover the contents of a file irrespective of the storage medium it is residing on and is also not deterred by large file size. 

Keep Word Documents Safe with DataNumen Word Repair Application

For anyone who is using MS Word for business or professional needs, it is always crucial to keep the valuable documents they create safe. Any incident of data corruption that affects MS Word files can put valuable Word files at risk. Investing in a tool like DataNumen Word Repair is essential for business users as it can save their data during emergencies. Moreover, the tool can also be used to recover any accidentally deleted data present in Word files.

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