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Ever dreamt of soaring through the sky, heading straight to the snowy paradise of Courchevel? Well, it’s time to transform those dreams into reality! This guide is your golden ticket, revealing how to fly to Courchevel in the quickest and easiest way possible. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where luxury meets convenience, and where your travel dreams come to life. So buckle up, let’s launch your adventure to the glorious Courchevel!

Why choose Courchevel as your vacation destination?

Why should Courchevel top your vacation bucket list, you ask? Picture this: pristine snow-capped mountains, luxury ski resorts, and a vibrant cultural scene. Courchevel is not just a destination, it’s a world of experiences bundled into one location, making it a coveted haven for travelers worldwide.

And the best time to visit? The winter months, particularly from December to April, are truly magical. You’ll be enchanted by the glistening snow under the bright sun, perfect for ski lovers and winter enthusiasts. Courchevel isn’t just a vacation stop, it’s a mesmerizing journey of a lifetime, waiting for you to discover!

Nearby Airports

While Courchevel does not have a conventional commercial airport due to its short runway and challenging landing conditions, there are several nearby airports that accommodate commercial flights.

AirportLocationApproximate Driving Time to CourchevelDistance
Chambery AirportChambery, France1 hour 15 minutes110 km
Geneva AirportGeneva, Switzerland2 hours 20 minutes190 km
Lyon Saint Exupéry AirportLyon, France2 hours 30 minutes180 km
Grenoble AirportGrenoble, France2 hours 40 minutes200 km

Chambéry Airport (CMF), located in the Savoy region, is the closest to Courchevel. A mere 1 hour 15 minutes drive away, it is a popular choice for travelers. Airlines such as Air France, British Airways, and Transavia often operate here, especially during the winter season.

A bit further away are Geneva Airport (GVA), Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS), and Grenoble Airport (GNB). Geneva Airport offers flights from a multitude of airlines, including easyJet, Swiss International Air Lines, and Ryanair. Lyon-Saint Exupéry, served by airlines like Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Emirates, offers a wide range of flight options. Grenoble Airport, operating mainly during the winter season, is serviced by several airlines including easyJet, Ryanair, and British Airways. They are further away but can serve as practical alternatives, especially if flights to the closer airports are fully booked or unavailable.

Choosing Your Flight

Picking the right flight to reach Courchevel requires considering several factors.

  1. Cost: Perhaps the most crucial factor for many travelers is the cost of the flight. Be sure to compare different airlines, and consider booking well in advance or during sales periods to secure the best deals.
  2. Duration: Non-stop flights are typically the fastest, but they may not always be available or the most economical. If you’re considering a flight with connections, be mindful of the total travel time and the length of layovers.
  3. Amenities: Different airlines offer varying levels of amenities. In-flight meals, entertainment, baggage allowance, and seat comfort can all impact your flight experience.
  4. Flight schedule: Depending on your itinerary, the flight’s timing can be vital. Ensure the flight schedule aligns well with your overall travel plans, including airport transfers and accommodation check-in times.
  5. Airline Reputation: Customer service, punctuality, and handling of issues such as cancellations or lost luggage vary between airlines. Check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of what to expect.
  6. Environmental Impact: If you are conscious about your carbon footprint, consider airlines that offer carbon offset programs or are known for their efforts in reducing environmental impact.

While budget is often paramount, don’t overlook the importance of travel comfort and the convenience of the flight schedule. Non-stop flights are typically the fastest, but they may not always be available or the most economical. Keep in mind that the cheapest flight may not always be the best value if it involves lengthy layovers, additional fees, or a lack of amenities. Instead, consider what is most important to you and choose the flight that best meets those needs.

Airport Transfers to Courchevel

Once you’ve touched down at one of the nearby airports, your journey to the enchanting Courchevel is not quite complete. You’ll find several transfer options from each airport, each with its own advantages and considerations. Or if your expense allows, you can even hire a private plane to take you to Courchevel.

Chambéry Airport (CMF)

Chambéry Airport, being the closest to Courchevel, is a popular choice for travelers. Its advantageous location, offers swift transfers to the ski resort.

  • Bus: Altibus operates a service that can take you directly to Courchevel in around 1h 40m for €25-€30. This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, although it may take longer than other methods.
  • Taxi/Private Hire: More flexible and quicker, a taxi or private hire service could cost about €150-€200. This is a perfect option if you have heavy luggage or prefer a door-to-door service.
  • Helicopter: Luxury, quick transfers from Chambéry to Courchevel are possible via helicopter in 20-30 minutes, costing €1,000-€1,500, with weather potentially affecting availability.

Geneva Airport (GVA)

  • Geneva Airport, while a bit further away, has a larger volume of international flights. It’s located near the French-Swiss border, and its position offers scenic views during your journey to Courchevel.
  • Bus: Services from Swiss Tours or Altibus take about 2h 45m, costing around €60-€70. These provide a chance to sit back and take in the views, although they may be subject to traffic during peak times.
  • Taxi/Private Hire: A more direct route can be achieved via a taxi or private hire service from the airport, usually costing €350-€400. These services offer greater convenience but at a higher price.
  • Helicopter services offer an express transfer to Courchevel in approximately 30 minutes, costing around €1,500-€2,000.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS)

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, located in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, provides a journey through the picturesque landscapes of the French countryside.

  • Bus: The Altibus service takes around 3 hours to reach Courchevel and costs €40-€50. It’s a leisurely option that may take longer, but it’s also easier on the pocket.
  • Taxi/Private Hire: A taxi or private hire service provides a faster alternative, but it is typically more expensive, costing around €400-€450. This option offers a time-saving advantage and more privacy.
  • Helicopter transfers are available, taking just 45 minutes and costing approximately €1,800-€2,500

Grenoble Airport (GNB)

  • Grenoble Airport, although further afield, still provides accessible transfer options to Courchevel. Its location also allows for a splendid journey across the Alpine landscapes.
  • Bus: Ben’s Bus service takes about 2h 45m and costs €45-€50. This is an economical choice, although travel times can be longer, especially in heavy traffic.
  • Taxi/Private Hire: These services generally cost €350-€400. This option is best for a more comfortable and direct journey, although it’s more expensive than public transportation.
  • You can opt for a helicopter service for a 30-minute journey, costing in the region of €1,500-€2,000. Please note, availability can be impacted by weather conditions.

Preparing for Your Flight to Courchevel

Prepare for your Courchevel trip by keeping your travel documents, such as a passport, any visas, and flight tickets, handy. A copy of your accommodation and transfer details would also be beneficial. Packing should focus on Courchevel’s snowy climate, so bring warm, waterproof ski clothes, gloves, and socks. Ski gear can be packed or rented. Despite chilly conditions, remember high-factor sunscreen and UV-protective eyewear, as Alpine sunlight can be intense.

Lastly, take steps to ensure a comfortable flight. Remember to drink plenty of water, move around when possible to prevent discomfort, and consider bringing items like a travel pillow or earplugs to help you rest during the journey. By following these guidelines, you’re mastering how to fly to Courchevel, setting yourself up for a smooth and enjoyable journey.


The journey to Courchevel involves more than just booking a flight; it requires careful planning and consideration, from selecting the most suitable airport to preparing for the trip itself. Remember, the key to successfully navigating how to fly to Courchevel is finding the right balance between cost, time, and convenience. So, why wait any longer? Begin planning and book your perfect flight to Courchevel today. Experience the breathtaking allure of the French Alps and create unforgettable memories. Safe travels!

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