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Many online clothing stores offer discount coupon codes that we can use to obtain significant savings. These promotional codes are valid for a specified period of time, and are not usually cumulative.

In this article we present a guide on how to use these offers to buy clothes online.

Search on a discount website:

In order to find the discount coupon codes, we can visit a website specialized in coupons, to which each store sends the codes and offers available for publication.

Within these coupon aggregators, we can search for the discounts, codes and promotions that interest us the most, which are usually classified by stores and by type of product.

Once we find the one that interests us, the same discount page redirects us to the online clothing website, indicating the promo code to make the purchase.

For the application of the discount code in the invoice, we need to enter it in the shopping cart, before finalizing the order.

Subscribe to newsletters:

If you are interested in the discounts offered by one or more clothing stores in particular, a good option is to subscribe to their newsletter, entering your email address.

In this way, in addition to immediately knowing all the news that the store is launching, such as new collections or the start of sales, you will also be able to receive exclusive discount codes from time to time.

It is a way for online stores to retain their customers and make them return to the web frequently to purchase new products.

Make a purchase:

Customers of online clothing stores who have already made a purchase, no matter how small, are more likely to receive an exclusive offer or special discount by mail.

If you have already bought once, it is likely that you want to buy again, so the store will offer you facilities for you to buy their products again.

How to use discount coupon codes:

Using discount promo code is very simple. As we have commented previously, we will have a code of letters and / or numbers that we must enter in a text field that we will usually find on the order confirmation page, just before making the online payment.

In coupon search websites, the usual thing is that the code is automatically copied to the clipboard of your device so that you simply have to paste it in the corresponding field.

In the event that you receive the code by newsletter or find it on a website that does not copy it automatically, you must select it and copy it manually.

It is better to do so than to enter the corresponding letters and numbers directly into the field, since a typographical error may prevent the discount from being applied.

How the cancellation of an order or its return affects the discount coupon:

Finally, we want to inform you of what happens to the discount coupon codes if we cancel our order or return it.

Whether we have obtained the promotional coupon on the website of the online clothing store or in one of discounts, if we decide to cancel the order, we will have to wait 24 hours to be able to reactivate the promotional code.

On the other hand, if we return the order in its entirety, we can obtain a replacement discount code.

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