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Protecting your eyes is not a casual business. The eyes are an important part of the human body and it is very important for us to protect our eyes from sunlight, UV rays and all the risks associated with exposure to the sun so it’s less harmful to our eyes. Men and women both like to wear sunglasses.

As their favorite accessories, we carry them almost everywhere, especially on sunny days. If you don’t take care of your sunglasses and if you do not carry sunglasses in a protective case then you notice after some time.

How to get scratches out of sunglasses

There is scratches on your sunglasses frames and specially on your lenses so its most important for both women and men to keep sunglasses in protect cases clean it with protective cleaning wipes so this habit always protect your sunglasses from dirt, scratches and even raise chances to protect your sunglasses from break now you are thinking that this all are precaution which if I follow to protect my sunglasses but what if we found scratches on our sunglasses here are five authentic hack which really works.

1. Glass Cleaning Spray

It is common to use eyeglass cleaning sprays to clean the screens of computers, laptops and TVs and make them transparent. This is because these types of cleaners are very gentle and give a clean, streak-free surface. Eyeglass cleaners also help effectively remove scratches on eyeglass lenses and are very helpful for tinted readers for reading. To remove small scratches on your glasses, you can use a cleaning spray such as: Just spray once or twice on your sunglasses lenses and gently clean with clothes wipe.

2. Brass Polish Method

Alternatively, you can use brass polish to clean your glasses. If you’re having a hard time getting rid of some hard scratches, this method can be a tool to help you get rid of those scratches. Helps remove flat scratches on the surface. You can also reduce the amount of debris on your sunglasses. Before using this method, you need to make sure that the brass polish used to clean your sunglasses does not contain acetone. Polishing brass with acetone can badly harm the lens of the frame.

3. Vinegar Method

Vinegar is a type of household item that has a variety of uses. By the way, you can use it to remove the casual scratches on your glasses. You can also use baking soda and water mixture for removing scratches on sunglasses vinegar method is very similar to using water and baking soda. If you have plastic sunglasses, replace the water with vinegar for better results. With vinegar, the glasses look more shiny and transparent.

4.     Car Wax method

Car wax works if your glasses have slight scratches, you can apply another option. In addition to brass polish, car wax can also be used to remove scratches. In this case, use a small amount of car wax on the glass. Then rub the glass with a microfiber cloth or water. If you scrape it off, you may need to wash it later. You can remove scratches on your glasses in this effective way.

5.     Scratch Removing kit

Scratch removal kits are some easily implacable solutions and ready to practice way to remove scratches from your sunglasses. The final solution for you is to buy a scratch removal kit from an optical doctor or your optician. They can give you the best suggestions to buy the best kit for your glasses, and you can fill the scratches. If your sunglasses lenses have scratches from a long time and are deeper in the lens, then you would probably have no choice but to purchase a new pair of sunglasses.


Q1: Can you repair scratches on sunglasses?

ANS: yes sunglasses scratched can easily be repaired by getting a removal kit.

Q2: How to remove scratches on sunglasses?

ANS: always protect your sunglasses from dirt, scratches and even raise chances to protect your sunglasses from break. There are many ways mentioned in the article that will help you more in removing scratches from sunglasses.

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