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Tanning Bed

Why spend so many hours out in the sun when you can get a better result in fewer minutes from a tanning bed? Everywhere, people have started resorting to tanning beds for a gorgeous golden glow. Be it a friend’s wedding or your son’s graduation ceremony, you can be the best version of yourself with a lovely tan! 

To make your tan long-lasting and effective, here are a few things you can do: 

  • Apply a tanning accelerator prior to getting a tan: From a moisturizer to a sunbed cream to a bronzer, a tanning accelerator keeps your skin hydrated and enables you to have a good tan. If you are confused about which kind of accelerator is ideal for your skin, you can ask the professionals at your tanning salon in Boca Raton.


  • Take a shower and exfoliate your skin: Your skin needs to be clean and free of dead cells to get the most effective tan from a tanning bed.

  • Use a premium quality bed and don’t stay in longer than required: Make sure your tanning bed is clean and fully equipped with top-of-the-line technology. For an unmatched quality of beds with updated technology, make sure to check out the services provided by a Boca tanning salon in Florida. Do not let the comfort of the bed make you stay longer than you should! Ask the tan experts at tanning salons about the ideal time duration to stay in bed for the perfect tan. 


  • Do not shave or wax after a tanning session: Even though exfoliation of the skin is pretty useful before tanning, doing this after acquiring your tan can cause it to wear off sooner than you want. Shaving or waxing after the tanning session will cause the removal of the topmost layer of your skin.

  • Wear goggles: Obviously, you wouldn’t want your eyes to go through any damage! Make sure to always protect your eyes and wear sunglasses so that the tan cannot reach your eye. Do not lie on the tanning bed without your goggles.

  • Get rid of make-up or other cosmetics on your skin: Cosmetic products clog the pores of your skin and block the tan from spreading evenly. Moreover, it makes your skin susceptible to allergies and other kinds of infection. To stay safe and get a stunning brown glow, take a shower and remove any make-up from your skin. Many Boca tan salons have the provision for a shower or bath, and you can opt for the same. 

If you follow these instructions, getting the perfect tan from a tanning bed will be a cakewalk for you. To make this process easier and more memorable, you can visit a Boca tanning salon for a guaranteed exotic glow that keeps your skin healthy and your tan fresh!  


If you reside in or near Florida, you can visit the Boca Tanning Club in East Boca Raton to get the best tan! Their personalized service will keep your skin healthy and beautifully golden.

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