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A used car comes at a far less price than a brand new car – which is of course the main reason why most people opt for used cars. With the internet allowing buyers to find lots of used car sellers and dealers, more dealers ready to add stuffs on to make older cars more attractive to buy and on a par with new models and consumers selling off cars a few months after purchase – second hand car purchase is getting more and more common. If you wish to get used vehicles at far cheaper rates, here are some important tips that you need to follow and avail good discounts.

Use the flaws to your advantage

Remember, flaws mean rebates. Even the smallest of scratches or dents can tilt the scale slightly in your favor. Although these things make second hand cars tougher to flog, these still remain good enough to drive around. Carry out a Revs Check WA and Car History Check, so that you can get an idea about the flaws in the second hand car.

Haggle right from the start

Haggling is an art, and you should never shy away from doing it if you want to save some money. Dealers often use the line – “We do not have the policy for discounts’. However, if you are a newbie in haggling, you can start well by asking them to add something extra to the car – such as floor mats or free satellite navigation, and try not paying anything extra for the add-on.

Search for cars that are discounted already

In case the price is reduced already, often there is higher amount of flexibility. The limits are flexed a lot and salespersons are at less risk of psychological loss, given that they are already mentally prepared to forego the full price.

Never fill in the silence

As your negotiations draw towards a finish, keeping silent is a classic sales method. Sellers / dealers want that you accept the price, so as to fill the embarrassing silence. Leave the ball in their court and let them fill the silence with a cheaper offer.

Be prepared to walk away

Have the seller / dealer call you back. If they are under psychological pressure that you have to be chased for the deal, it is likelier that you will get the used car at a better price. Do not ever make them feel that you are very keen on the offer.

Be polite, yet firm

You are likelier to get good results in case the sales staff member becomes friendly with you. If you treat the entire process with humor, and are charming and polite, you can get ahead and have a better deal. Keep in mind that if you haggle the right way, you can get what you want or probably even more. Do it with good humor and great style. You will see that there is no suggestion or price that is too outrageous. You may virtually haggle anywhere for about anything.

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