Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Ex-Spouse to Fall Back in Love with You

So, you and your ex called it quits, but lately, you’re thinking “Maybe we can give it another go?” Getting back with an ex isn’t like hitting the replay button on your favorite song; it’s more like crafting a new tune together. But hey, it’s doable! Here’s some real talk on how to make that happen.

Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

First things first, what went down the first time? If you don’t know why things fell apart, you’ll probably trip over the same issues again. So, take some time and really dig into what didn’t work. Maybe you didn’t talk enough, or perhaps it was as complex as conflicting life goals.

Level Up as a Person

Alright, so you’ve pinpointed what went wrong. Now’s the time to work on yourself. And no, this isn’t just to impress your ex. It’s for you. Learn to communicate like a pro, hit the gym, read some books, meditate – whatever makes you feel like a better you.

Shoot Them a Message

When you’re feeling more ‘you’ than ever, it’s time to break the ice. Shoot them a text or a funny meme – keep it light and breezy. No heavy stuff, not yet. The goal is just to open the lines of communication and show that you’re at a good place.

Say You’re Sorry (and Mean It)

Did you goof up before? Own it. Apologize like you really mean it, because you should! No blame game, no excuses. A sincere “my bad” can work wonders.

Rediscover What Clicked

You guys had some good times, right? So revisit those. Maybe you bonded over “Star Wars” or spent hours in the kitchen trying out new recipes. Doing stuff you both love can reignite those warm, fuzzy feels.

Take the Slow Lane

This isn’t a race. Be cool and take it slow. Show them you’re in this for the long haul and you’re serious about making things work. But also be ready for some bumps along the way, because let’s be real, this is delicate stuff.

Old News is Old News

Whatever drama happened before, leave it there – in the past. Start fresh, make new memories. That’s the stuff that’ll help you move forward.

Respect the Space

Give your ex some breathing room. If they say they need time, give them time. Pushing too hard is a surefire way to push them away for good.

Sometimes, a Pro is the Way to Go

No shame in admitting that sometimes you need an expert’s help. Couples therapy or personal counseling can do wonders when you’re stuck.

Be Cool with Whatever Happens

Brace yourself – they might just not be into the idea of getting back together. If that’s the case, it’s okay. You’ve worked on being an awesome individual, right? So, you’ll be alright.

At the end of the day, reigniting an old flame with your ex-spouse is about creating something new, not just rehashing the past. It takes guts, growth, and a whole lot of patience. But remember, whether it works out or not, you’re going to be fine, and life’s going to keep on playing its wild tunes.

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