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How To Get Your Garage Door Summer Ready

Prepping your garage doors to cope with the heat and dust of the summer months is often something that gets left off the “to do “list. Fortunately, keeping your garage roller doors in Adelaide looking good and working well, will not take up a great deal of your time if you follow these simple hints and tips.

Visual check and inspection of moving parts

If left unattended, debris from the garden, or dust and dirt from vehicles or garden equipment can become trapped in the shutters of your garage door. Accidental bumps can occur from drivers turning or reversing, or by family members trying to cram too many items inside your garage space.

Clean down the front and back of the doors with a soft bristle brush to remove any contaminants. Check for any damage and if you find a problem, contact the specialists in garage door repairs in Adelaide to get this fixed. Garage doors act as an additional measure of security for the home, so making sure they are in good repair before you leave for the summer vacation is a must.

Look at the moving parts including checking any manual release handle, springs, door’s cylinder and operation hardware as well as the door panels and safety release features. Check for any signs of wear and tear or rust and get these attended to if there is a problem.

Clean and protect

Once you have checked and swept down any cobwebs or dirt, then you should give the doors a good scrub with hot soapy water. Rinse off dirty suds and make sure that you do this both on the inside as well as the outside of the door. Once dry, you can add additional protection by using a sealant such as car wax, which will not damage any paintwork or surface and contaminants will slide off the door. If there have been some scratches or you want to freshen up the look of the garage, then you can sand down and using a zinc primer, give them a coat of paint.

Oil moving parts

Like any other type of machinery to keep in good condition, it needs to be lubricated. Moisture and cold can affect the efficiency of the roller door, so keep moving parts oiled. Once you have checked the moving parts for signs of any obvious damage, it is time to apply some oil to keep the doors in top condition. If you are not sure what sort of oil is best, then speak to your local specialist in garage roller doors for the correct grade and type. Then make sure you lubricate the pulley, chains, tracks and roller parts that help to keep the doors fully functioning.

Sort out the garage space

During the summer, the garage is in constant use as recreational vehicles or family camping gear stored in the garage is required by one family member or the other. Often at the end of the summer season, a number of these items get moved back into the garage and stored in such a way that they can fall or move leaning against your doors. Now is the time to have a proper sort out and make sure that you get rid of anything that can fall and damage the roller shutters or cause a problem. Sweep out the floors to ensure that nuts or bolts cannot roll and become caught up in any of the doors moving parts and make sure there is a clear space around the roller cylinders if storing items about head height.

Get your garage doors summer ready and looking good while keeping down the cost of repairs.

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