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Indie Artist

Indie artists are freer to manage their music. They choose their path and release songs without involving the traditional record labels. 

This means that independent musicians need to brand and market their products to get their music heard. For many years, it has not been easy for musicians to market their songs successfully without record labels. 

They had to rely on big labels to do it for them. Today, technology has made it possible for artists to do free music promotions easily. 

They can do many things, including building an online community, live video-streaming, and home music recording. 

Music artists can also improve their creativity to produce the best product for their fans. Read on to find out about music promotion for independent artist ideas.

  1. Live Video-Streaming

An independent musician needs to learn and embrace live streaming as a way of engaging fans. Statistics show that in 2020 alone, users watched live streaming on mobile for over 482.5 billion hours.  

Live streaming allows artists to connect with fans far away who want to enjoy the live performance. Platforms like Youtube live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Instagram live are best for such live performances. 

Others like Restream allow you to stream your music video live on multiple platforms at the same time. 

Quality Livestream will give your fans the best experience. There are several platforms that offer free services. These platforms often allow musicians to even monetize their live streams. This is through the number of viewers or through the monetary support they’re getting from the viewers. 

  1. Professional Music Promotion Website

Professional music promotional websites are an excellent way to build your brand and sell your music. It is a global music marketing platform where people can listen to your songs and get to know more about your talent. 

It opens international doors and makes you accessible to international partners. Music lovers get to connect with musicians directly and can support their favorite artists easily through these platforms. 

There are many free music promotional platforms available online. These platforms can reduce the burden of spending more money into promoting your music. 

  1. Home Recording

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Technological advancement has made home recording accessible to most musicians. It is a growing trend. Musicians record their songs at home and learn the technology that makes them work. 

This is an affordable way to produce and distribute your music. Recording your songs at home gives you the freedom to capture interesting behind-the-scenes moments and share them with your fans.

  1. Get Mentorship

Produce high-quality music. Music promotion is easier if the music is of high quality. People will only want to hear your music if the quality keeps getting better. 

Improve your skills and look for mentors in your genre. Get inspiration from other musicians and make each music release better than the last one. 

This will help you increase your fan base. People will always look forward to your next new song. 

  1. Promotion of Music on Social Media

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Social media is a place where you can do free promotions for music. You can stream music videos, post Instagram stories, or advertise your music on Facebook. 

Indie music promotion on social media works best if you identify the social channels your fans hang out. Create a community and consistently share interesting information about your music.

Checking out the comment section and answering your fans’ questions keeps them engaged. 

Social media is also a place to have fun. Find creative ways to interact. Enjoy different contests before you can sell your music. 

Encourage fans to share your songs and content with their friends and family. Social media is a place for worldwide music promotion. When you share your music with your fans, and they also share it with others, your music goes viral across the world.

  1. Free Song Promotion on Your Merchandise

Artists promote and sell music and merchandise on different platforms. The merchandise musicians sell is not only another source of revenue but a promotional tool. 

For example, you can have merchandise like t-shirts, caps, mugs, or a wristband alongside your music. If you brand such wearable items, people can see your images or words about your music.

This creates awareness and is an advertisement style for your music. Make sure the graphics and words are large enough to draw attention. When people see information about your music from time to time, they will want to hear it.

  1. Play Your Music on Radio

Indie music promotion is about allowing musicians to choose what works for them and have more control. They can choose how and where to market their songs. 

After putting together your album, you can look for radio stations accepting the type of songs you play. Having a target number of radio stations to submit your music will help. You can follow up and find out if your song has been played on the radio. 

  1. Create an Email List

When people sign up to your email list, they will receive updates about your music. Email enables you to reach fans directly and tell them what’s new. 

Give updates about your latest release, tours you are planning, and the latest project you are working on. Providing exclusivity to fans on your email list makes them feel special. They will want to listen to your music more and share it with their networks.

Key Takeaway

Independent music promotion is becoming more popular with the advancement of technology and social media. Musicians can use independent music promotion companies, or they can promote their music themselves. 

This way, they can sell their music to anyone using the methods they want. They have more freedom to market their music and engage with fans directly through social media. Indie musicians can now define their careers and the opportunities available to them.

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