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How to go live on Instagram & explore it’s amazing features?

Instagram is the best platform for utilization, not only for personal affairs but also for businesses. You can reach out to a large audience, no matter near or far. You can upload the stuff like photos, videos to grab the attention of others for whatever reasons you want.

One of the most amazing & entertaining features of Instagram is live streaming. All the Instagram users don’t take its advantage. Either they don’t know its benefits or they don’t know the exact way of going live. People buy Instagram followers Australia & invest money to buy other services to be popular. All these tactics work & you must buy Instagram services from a reliable spot but, with this, you must know the significance of live streaming.

At present, most celebrities & businesses choose to go live to connect with their audience. Have you ever think about why they do so? Recent researches have shown that more than 80% of users on Instagram prefer to watch live streaming of brands, companies or celebs, etc rather than reading blogs or articles. If you haven’t tried this Instagram feature yet, you are here at the right place. Let us get to know everything about live streaming.

Instagram live streaming feature – Worth it or not?

The basic purpose behind introducing these features is that it provides you somehow a unique space to interact with your followers. You can let your followers chat with you or ask questions live. The best way is to announce your live streaming time & date before time so that the maximum followers can join you. It is a matchless way to build engagement. Especially if you are trying to build a large presence on this platform, it is one of the greatest ways to make your presence, name & face popular.

Not only the celebrities but the brands or businesses have also found it the greatest way to boost up interactions with their followers or with their potential clients. When the businesses who have Instagram profiles try to get Instagram likes and followers to sell their products/services, going life can give them a competitive edge. Interact with the potential audience all across the globe & get popularity. It is just right to say that Instagram live has virtually limitless potential.

Step by Step procedure to go live on Instagram

It is the simplest process to go live on Instagram. Once you get familiar with it, you can do it easily every time you need to go live. The following are the steps for live streaming on Instagram.

Step #1: The simplest way is to click your story (Circle displayed at your screen top that has your display picture inside) or you can also click the camera icon located at the screen’s top left.

Step #2: Before going live, it allows you to choose the formats & area of features.

Step #3: The option of recording includes beginning live steam or going live which broadcasts your live video as soon as you start making it. As soon as you end the stream, it will delete your video.

Step #4: There is another normal video format available where you can post videos as well as your photos (as you normally do).

Step #5: The option of Boomerang allows you to make a short video or photo, amazingly.

Step #6: The option of rewind is just as a normal rewind means. You can make a video playback if you want.

Step #7: Hands-Free video. It’s a short 15-sec video. It doesn’t require you to hold the record button.

To select the corresponding format, you just have to click on it. On the top left of your screen, a gear icon will start to appear. You can choose to check the Settings here i.e. you can customize your video. For instance, you can choose to whom you want to show or you can also choose the people you want to hide your video from. It also allows you to choose the certain kind of messages you want to receive. Once you are done with all these settings, you can start your video immediately after that.

As you, as you start streaming, it starts a short countdown. It is to get ready just before streaming. You have approximately an hour for live streaming & then the video automatically stops. So, the best option is to wind up everything before it comes to its end.

Discover the amazing live features

Instagram live bring you a lot of amazing & entertaining features that make your broadcasting experience wonderful. You can choose from a lot of available filters, virtual faces & accessories. You can choose who is allowed to watch your video. You can pin the most loved comments or questions by your followers.

Sending out invitations to followers is a great choice & it let you, maximum followers, to watch your streaming. On the other hand, the people may also send you the requests to watch your video, as you are already done announcing it. It all depends on your settings. You always have the option to get rid of the people, if you change your mind later.

As soon as you are done with your video, go to the End option available at the screen top. In the end, it asks you if you want to save or share your streaming video. If you choose not to save it now, it will be deleted forever. So, if you have discussed some important things with your audience, which may be useful for others in the future, you must save it.

In the end, it is important to make your video as enjoyable as possible for the users. Once you are comfortable with Instagram live streaming, you can explore tons of awesome tools & you will fall in love with this feature.

In the end, it is important to mention that Instagram live is considered one of the greatest social media marketing strategies these days. So, you must take its advantage.

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