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You are a beginner golfer, and the pros recommend you invest in a putt mirror to improve your putting mechanics. Using it also helps improve your eye and shoulder alignment while it improves your accuracy in the short game.

You use the putting mirror daily to dial into your backstroke for a perfect follow-through leveling up your game. But one thing you want to learn is how to achieve the unique swing of the pros. So if you’re going to complete a good golf swing, then look at the tips here.

Follow the Turn, Tilt, and Bend

There are three main movements related to a golf swing, and it is all around how you turn your shoulders in your backswing. So, tilt in the backswing and then bend to follow-through as all three movements are accessible and used by pros to improve the swing. The best part is you can even practice this using your putting mirror.

Turn at the Top

Okay, you might think you are not flexible enough to turn 90° away from your target like the golf pros. Still, you can use body movements in your backswing to increase how much you turn your shoulders when done correctly.

You find many golfers restricting the hips to maintain a knee flex using the trail leg in their backswing to coil it up and generate power. Still, doing this could impede your power to restrict how you turn your shoulders.

Instead, straighten your trail leg in your backswing, allowing both your shoulders and hips to turn without restriction. Doing this generates power, providing consistency with a coveted in-to-out swing path. If you want to check if you are doing it correctly, use your putting mirror to help. 

The putt mirror helps you achieve the right shoulder alignment to improve your golf swing.

Now Tilt at the Top

One of the most critical aspects of your swing is the shoulder tilt. Many handicap pro golfers can reach the top of the swing keeping their shoulders level to the ground. So, straighten your trail leg as it helps create a better shoulder tilt at your top swing.

Bend and Stretch With Your Follow-Through

The last key on any excellent golf swing is to bend your upper body a bit backward in your follow-through and extend your arms towards your target. If you hit your ball short, bend your upper body forward with the arms bent close to the body.

Ultimately, your shoulder tilt and turn need to be in the backswing during backward bending with your upper body in your follow-through. The best part is when you use your putting mirror, you can look at yourself while following these tips.

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