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With growth and advancement in science and technology, all professions are running and working with digital tools. In this advanced and digital working world, our education system is no exception. With the growth in educational technology, led to the formation of online education, which means teaching and learning virtually.

 With asynchronous mode, now teachers and students can connect virtually at the same time to have real time, one on one interactions. This is done by conducting online live classes for students. Today in the present pandemic times and circumstances, online live classes have reached door to door. Let us discuss some tips that teachers and students can follow respectively to have effective online live classes. 

Tips for teachers to conduct effective live sessions 

1.Interact with all the students 

Avoid monotonous teacher centred approach of teaching. Only explaining the topics and making students sit as mere listeners is least effective. Teachers must involve students in live classes as much as possible. With more interactions, students understand better. Better doubt resolution, more interest in learning and effective learning environment, all is enhanced this way. 

  1. Use technical tools to teach

Only listening to the teachers reading out the textbooks is considered to be boring, less engaging and less understandable for students. However we all know how much today’s kids enjoy technology. All teachers must use technical teaching aids. By using the best app to teach online, teachers can access several audio visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Classroom interactions and participation are also enhanced. 

  1. Give breaks

In the present pandemic times, online education is a new experience for many students. They are still figuring out how to accept the new normal and learn online properly. Taking back to back academic classes online is already challenging for students and if the classes will be of long durations without any break, they will feel exhausted and also lead to excessive screen time.

 With this students lose concentration from the classes too. To avoid this happening with your classes, all teachers must make sure to have breaks in between. Even a short break of ten to fifteen minutes will help students to feel relaxed for time and re-energize themselves for further learning. 

Tips for students

1.Choose a distraction free place 

For effectively taking online live classes, it is important for students to learn from an appropriate place. Being at a place that is prone to environmental noises and disturbances makes you distracted. This not only affects your learning but also the whole online classroom environment is affected.

 To avoid this happening with you, all students must make sure to learn from a distraction free place. Choose for a place that is calm and free of environmental disturbances. Along with this keep your mobile and app notifications on mute to attend the live sessions properly with proper concentration. 

  1. Focus well in the classroom

Many students take online classes very lightly. Don’t misuse the flexibility and comfort given. Take your online classes equal to the way you learned in conventional classrooms and be serious. With lack of focus and concentration, you won’t be able to understand well and your academic results and classroom performance  will be affected. Avoid doing this. To understand well, participate more in the classroom and make the most of a live online class, listen to the teachers with full focus. Avoid getting distracted and maintain eye contact with the teachers to focus well. 

  1. Check the connectivity

For live online classes, having smooth internet connectivity is very important. Poor network quality will disturb your learning. This will make you get disconnected, facing difficulty in listening and understanding. When you are doing a course online, have a proper network connection that works the best in your area. Also in the present pandemic times, learning is fully dependent on digital modes. Therefore having a high range network connection is the need of the hour. This will help students in taking smooth and quality live online classes. 

  1. Ask doubts

For effective learning, having an in-depth understanding of the academic subjects is very important. To do so, doubt resolution is very important. Don’t be reluctant or shy to ask doubts. Teachers are there to help you out only. You can use the app hand raise option to ask doubts. 

When teachers give you the chance, unmute yourself and ask your queries. Also, with the chat facilities, you can type your doubts and queries in the chat section too. This will help students to get doubts solved instantly and understand better. 

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In the digital era we are living in, online education is spreading at a faster rate. With better interactions, flexibility, convenience and understanding provided, many students opt for online live classes also known as synchronous learning. By following the above mentioned tips, teachers can conduct more valuable and effective live sessions for students. We also discussed a few tips that students can follow to receive a quality education,and  seek proper academic understanding via online live classes. 

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