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Dates , these are one of the amazing fruits and desserts with great benefits . Worldwide there are a lot of dates that have been found and one of the most popular dates are ajwa dates which are actually found or grown in Arabian countries mainly in the Saudi Arabian region . These dates have a very great popularity worldwide. Ajwa dates are the ones easily found and contain antioxidant properties. 

Ajwa dates have a great texture and softness and they are dark brown in colour and also available in blackish colour . These dates have cracky and soft wrinkles on its outer surface and are also available in dry and semi dry state with not very high sweet taste but mild taste. 

These dates in comparison to other dates are not very much sweet but these dates are rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. 

It also consists of anti- oxidant inside it and because of such properties of Ajwa dates they have become very popular worldwide and widely used by people for some health benefits and also for proper body functioning 

Ajwa dates are also considered as holy dates according to Islamic religion 

Ajwa dates have numerous health benefits such as 

It is good for heart health  by preventing the constriction of blood vessels and decrease the chance of heart attack 

Is is also good for diabetic patients as it consists of less sugar  and moreover it consists of natural sugar which actually helps to maintain blood sugar levels 

It also helps to maintain proper physiological functions of the brain and allows good digestion as these dates are rich in fibre. Al Madina Ajwa are the most demanded ones worldwide. 

Ajwa dates are also very beneficial for bone health , good in lactation , male fertility , also good in pregnancy etc 

How to identify real Ajwa dates?

To know whether the ajwa dates are real of not 

First thing which you need to do is to look at the ajwa dates so closely and observe that there will be some white fine lines . If you see this in Ajwa dates then it is real otherwise fake 

Do check it’s sugar level if it is available in an optimal value then it is real but if it is overly sweet in taste then there are chances that it might be fake date 

It has been seen that most of sweetness of real dates is constrict at its most middle part not at outermost parts or outside 

Fresh dates are not hard but soft , semi dry or  with wrinkled texture 

Avoid the dates when you see or feel crystalline sugar structure or cost outside the dates they are not fresh 

These are some ways to check if the dates are real or fake. 

For diabetic patients fake dates may cause some issues and also leads to stomach upset 

So always but real dates and check them properly 

Having 1-2 dates per day by normal person who is not suffering from any disease is very beneficial and provides you a lot of health benefits 

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