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Here are the few tips and tricks to improve your general knowledge and current affairs for a competitive exam

Read General knowledge books:

Newspapers are one the cheapest sources of news and information. You will get worldwide news at your doorstep. It helps in increasing  general knowledge and improving your reading skills and vocabulary.  Reading newspapers enables us to remain well-informed about anything whether it is related to sports, politics, or it can be anything.

Watch documentaries & TV:

Watching documentaries is one of the great ways to educate yourself. There are 3 types of documentaries, educational, insightful and cultural. Documentaries are the strongest way to communicate with the world about social and cultural issues. 

Another, easiest and most enjoyable way is to watch television. Surely many of you must be watching your favorite movies, dramas or series on TV for long hours. Superfast morning bulletins can surely save you tons of time.

Read different newspapers:

People especially, the younger generation, find it quite boring or a waste of time to read newspapers. But believe it or not, if you make a habit of reading newspapers on a daily basis, even if it is only about a particular subject, over time it will fill you with a vast store of information.

Although newspapers feature both regional and domestic news, be sure to read the sections that also contain information about the globe. The “Op-Ed” column will definitely give you a subjective perspective and force you to think out of the box, i.e. different from the widely accepted point of view.

The Wall Street Journal (USA), The Guardian (UK), The New York Times (USA), The Times of India (India), The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), China Daily (China), and The Asahi Shimbun (Japan), are some of the most famous newspapers around the globe.

This black and white piece of paper will help you get a better understanding of your surroundings and the world.

Websites and Apps: 

Living in the age of the Internet, things have become easier than ever. You can find almost anything on the web. But beware, not everything on the web is real. Many websites either share wrong knowledge or do not update their knowledge base. Furthermore, many sites are merely chat platforms in which people share their personal views and opinions without providing credible references or links. Therefore, you need to find reliable and trusted sources on the web.

Britannica, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia are the several websites you can use for getting the information. 

Articles and Blogs: 

You can even see the face of your favorite bloggers to learn about what interests you. By reading blogs, you can broaden the range of your thinking. Not only this, you get to see things from more than one perspective with respect to a particular topic.

YouTube channels:

You can subscribe to many channels on YouTube to improve your GK. However, if you are frustrated about what to read and what to skip in the newspaper or find any topic difficult to fill, just google it on YouTube and you can find countless videos on that topic. You can choose the best channel according to your understanding and viewing. So, next time instead of watching videos of your favorite actor, try watching informative channels which will make you smarter.

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