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In the sedentary lifestyle, adults and children have been facing a huge impact in terms of social skill development. As everyone is busy with electronic gadgets and scrolling the social media that they hardly wish to make friends in real life. However, it becomes quite frustrating watching your child finding it hard to make friends or fitting into a particular social setting. So, there are various steps that parents need to initiate to improvise the kid’s social skills.

  • Encourage them to take up a hobby

Development of the social skills will be easier for the child when they are encouraged to take up a hobby, they are genuinely interested in. Even if it’s participating in a particular sport, playing an instrument or being part of a club, they are most interested; it is the foremost step towards developing social skills. In addition, initiating such hobby classes with the other kids who have the same interests is the best way to enhance their social skills easily.

  • Encourage them to ask questions

When children lose confidence, or the conversation lacks, they become more introverted and ultimately struggle with future social conditions. The most appropriate method is to find a way of a one-on-one connection to ask questions. Make sure to answer their queries with a complete understanding and not just with a yes or no. It will help them enhance their interest in asking the questions.

  • Make them aware of empathy

Let your child have a better understanding of how the other feel. It will allow them to feel in connection with other people and also form good and positive bonds. They know what empathy helps the child to learn and how to listen to others concentratedly. It also helps them understand how to focus on what others might say and then think about what the speaker has said once the talk is over.

  • Know your child’s nature

Most of the children are more social as compared to others. A shy and introverted kid should not be expected much to interact similarly the way a child who is quite an extrovert naturally will. So, know your child’s nature and let them feel comfortable making friends. It’s good to know your kid’s nature!

  • Set a good example

It is really important to be consciously aware of your steps as your children will follow them. For example, are you giving them enough time? Do you have the patience to listen to their queries? Well! That’s what is important. Children learn what parents do, so it is really important to set a good example! If you are an active listener and have good social interaction, these are the same things that help enhance the children’s social skills.

How to identify that your child is facing problems in developing social skills?

If a child has problems with social skills, these are the following signs you need to notice in them:

  • Your child does not use consistent eye contact or maybe stares fixedly while talking.
  • Struggle while using proper body language.
  • Do not use any polite words like please, thank you, hello and goodbye.
  • Not able to initiate and end conversations properly.
  • Interfere other people quite often when in a conversation.
  • Not able to maintain a point of conversation and also provide illogical comments during the conversation.
  • Fails to understand jokes, sarcasm or an idiom.
  • It looks like they are self-centred.
  • Not able to understand the results of the actions.

So, if your child is facing such signs and is aloof most of the time, it’s time to follow the steps and help them enhance social skills! A small step of love and care can lead to a bigger picture in your child’s life! The social skills once built-in childhood can help them build a confident life ahead!

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