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These are some of the must-know tips before you try to crack NATA 2018. Find your comfort zone and prepare well to be a success.

The term NATA stands for National Aptitude Test in Architecture, a prestigious and well-recognized exam conducted by the Council of Architecture. Aspiring architects can get admission in a good college or university if they clear and get a high ranking in the exam.

nata 2018 preparation

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Though the exam may seem difficult to the aspiring candidates, getting coaching, and understanding the NATA 2018 exam pattern is one way to prepare well. There are many myths surrounding the exam, and breaking these myths is one of the ways to ensure success.

Mastering the Art of Sketching

A common misconception among most test takers and even many lecturers is that irrespective of the NATA coaching taken, excellent drawing skills are a must to crack the test. Not, more than drawing, it is the sketching skills which are highly valued. But, drawing shadows, effects of light, still drawing, and memory drawing is necessary to do well. Remember, architecture is all about sketching your ideas, so mastering the skill while preparing for the exam is important.

Practising Out of Box Thinking

Though you are expected to memorise the NATA study material, thinking creatively to show your ideas to the examiner is also required. The syllabus will give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect, the length of the paper, etc. But, to excel, you will need to present your ideas and out-of-the-box thinking based on the physical attributes of a building will help you get noticed.

Speeding Your Accuracy

Every exam is for a limited time, and NATA is no different. Hence, you need to accelerate your creativity, answering and sketching. There will not be enough time to think deeply about your answers, therefore, the more you study and memorise the theory the faster you will be able to answer the question. Remember, you lose marks every time you fail to answer a question as incomplete answers or blank questions attract negative marks.

Appearing for Stimulated Exams

One of the most trusted methods to build up speed and accuracy for NATA admission is answering old question papers. Answering is not enough, you need to stimulate the exam environment, and ensure completion within the stipulated time. Go through at least 10 different question papers from the past. Create your own pattern of answering questions.

Practising On The Right-Sized Paper

Always choose A4 sized paper when preparing for your NATA 2018 exams. A lot of test takers make the common mistake of using A3 sized sketchbooks to practice and it will become an issue when you have lots of headroom to work on in the actual exam.

Revamp Your Drawing Techniques

The exam time is limited! Draw a light outline to make sure you are happy with the outline before you start adding more details to it. It saves time spent in erasing a wrong drawing. Consider using dry medium colours as they are easy to use and take less time to complete.

In the end, be aware of your strengths so that you could focus better to crack NATA 2018. Pursue your dreams in a planned way and you are sure to win.

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