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Whether you’re just starting out with golf or you have been playing for a few years, you might want to improve your game. Even if you’re just playing for fun, you can only have so much fun if you just keep performing over par. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can follow that can help improve your golf game. Here are five of those steps.

1. Hire a Coach

The very first step that you should take before you hit the Laurel Oak golf course Sarasota is to hire a coach. You’re not going to be able to know what you’re doing wrong without them. If you did know what was wrong, then you’d be able to have a perfect game.

Coaches are great because they can analyze everything about your game. Your posture, the power you hit the ball with, even your follow-through are all things that they’ll inspect. They may even be able to provide some advice on what kind of clubs to use for certain cases.

For beginners, hiring a coach can set them up for success. They’ll be miles ahead of other beginner golfers who didn’t take the time to hire a coach. Not only will you have an understanding of what golf clubs to use and when, but you’ll also have a keen understanding of why those certain clubs are better to use in certain scenarios.

2. Listen to Your Coach

The next step can be difficult for players. You actually have to listen to what your coach is saying! It’s hard for humans to hear about things that they’re doing wrong. However, you have to remember that your coach can’t help you without pointing out what you’re doing wrong first.

The best way to help improve your golf game is to listen to them. If your coach tells you you need a new golf shaft, then there’s probably a good reason for that. Along with listening, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them questions either. If you don’t understand why one club is better than the other, for example, ask them why. Their experience and knowledge are yours to gain if you’re bold enough to ask.

3. Take a Few Notes

Just like learning anything new, it’s always a good idea to take a few notes. Have a notebook on hand that you can write in right after the lesson is over. You’ll want to write down tips that your coach gave you while it’s still fresh in your memory.

Each time you go for another practice, you can quickly review your notes, so you’re ready to hit the green and make some more improvements.

4. Exaggerate Movements

A lot of golfing is instinctual. However, if your game isn’t quite going right, then your instincts are likely wrong. You shouldn’t rely on what you feel is the right posture or position.

One good way to help break yourself out of relying on your feelings is to exaggerate. If you typically lean too much to one side, then don’t just marginally move to the other side. Go all in. Exaggerate your leaning to the other side. It will feel weird, but you may be surprised at what it can do for your game.

5. Practice

The last and final step is, of course, to practice. As with any sport, any hobby, any activity, you cannot get better unless you practice. Professionals devote hundreds of hours to their game in order to get better. While you don’t need to be quite so zealous, you should expect to put in a few hours of practice every few weeks. You may also invest in an indoor golf facility, if in case traveling to the golf course isn’t possible. Search for some good home golf simulators available online.

You’ll be surprised at how much your performance improves by regularly practicing and following these five steps.


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