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How to Inspect a Used Car in 3 Easy Steps before Buying

For a used car buyer, the questions seem to have no end – especially before you can actually take ownership of it. Whether it revolves around the car’s features or price, a used car carries a number of questions that usually go unanswered. One of the biggest concerns that plague the buyer’s minds is based on the inspection of the car. So, how do you inspect a used car quickly and thoroughly in just 3 simple steps? Let’s get into it.

  1. Examine The Exteriors

Before you can even set foot inside your newly purchased car, you need to get a proper look at what the car has to offer – on the outside, that is. Check for anything that might catch your eye like a dent, a scratch, or even a hole. This time should also be used to check out the grille, bumpers, windows, headlamps, taillights, wheels, windscreen wipers, and more. Look for any spots that you might expect to do some repairs on such as a minor paint job or even defogging the headlamps.

Check under the carpets on the inside to ensure that there is no water or moisture trapped under it. There is also carpet in the boot which needs to be inspected as well as the wheel arches and other interiors on the car. One of the biggest things to check is that the car doesn’t have excess damage which could result in expensive solutions and treatments – something you should be discussing with the seller before you buy the car. Lastly, check the tyres and their condition to see whether they are capable of being used without causing more damage to the car. If they need to be replaced, the seller should be willing to share the expenses or take care of it before handing over the ownership.

  1. Look Under The Hood

Apart from the engine, the hood or bonnet holds some of the biggest secrets of a used car. When you buy used cars, you should check and match the colour of the components around it to see if it matches the original paint job. If the car has been in an accident, the nuts, bolts, and other components will be repainted to add more protection against rust. But this newly added paint gives the parts a different look than the original parts which tells you that the car has seemed some repair work already.

Next, you should check the oil and fluids found inside the engine, brakes, and coolant. Newer oil or fluids will have a cleaner, almost-clear look whereas an older oil will have a thick consistency as well as a dark brown colour. Check the oil and fluids with the dipstick to ensure that your engine is running on clean oils and fluids for better performance. To summarize, any oil or fluid that is dark coloured and has a thicker consistency should be immediately replaced.

  1. Dive In And Check

The increase in RC transfers is a clear sign that India is looking to used cars as their mode of transportation rather than spending more on a new car. But what is it that is attracting them to these pre-owned models apart from the fact that they are a lot more affordable? Well, the interiors have a big part to play in the purchasing of a used cars in sacramento as they are usually in a far better condition than the rest of the car. That doesn’t mean you should skip out on a proper inspection. For starters, get into the car and sit at all the different positions to ensure that all the seats offer the same comfort. The seats should also be checked for any kind of damage including holes, stains, scratches, or dampness which should be brought to the attention of the seller immediately. Check and see if the recline feature on the seats works and that the leather used is soft and odour-free. Inside the car, you should be checking all the switches, buttons, and features which include the air conditioning, heating, windows, audio setup, dashboard, steering wheel, and more. As mentioned earlier, you should check under the floor mats and carpets as they could hide moisture, rust, holes, and even unwanted bugs and inspects. When it comes to the interiors, you should always carry out a thorough inspection because it is often the most overlooked portion of the car.

Whether you’re buying a used car that is barely a month old or a car that has been sitting in a dealership for over 5 years, you should be able to inspect the car properly before signing that cheque and taking ownership. From the exteriors and bonnet to the interiors and trunk, a used car requires inspections by either a buyer with a good eye or a professional mechanic who knows exactly what to look for and where to look as well. While there are many dealerships across India, buying used cars in Mumbai or 2nd hand cars in Bangalore requires the same thorough process to avoid buying a faulty vehicle.

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