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Kitchen Sinks

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Sinks Clean

Do not let used utensils and plates sit

If you do not have an electric dishwasher at home, the only thing that you can do to clean the dishes is through manual dishwashing. You cannot let your used utensils, plates, pans, and pots be left unwashed and uncleaned for a long time. This is because the stains caused by the food scraps on these items can cause bacteria, and fungi to develop on the surface. Germs will also spread through the kitchen sink if the utensils are not soaped and washed. 

Do not let the food scraps remain on the sink

The food scraps should also be removed from the sink after every use. Not cleaning the food scraps can cause bacteria and germs to stay on the sink. As they thrive on the sink, the area becomes unhygienic for you to use. They may stay on the meat, fruits, and vegetables that you wash in the kitchen sink. Even if you have a white double kitchen sink, you will not have clean food if you let the food scrap sit on it. 

Scrub the sink

Although generally, you can scrub most kitchen sinks with elbow grease and a normal sponge, some kitchen sink materials are sensitive to rough scrubs. These may leave a permanent mark on the surface of the sink. You must first ask your kitchen sink supplier if the material that it is made of does not respond well to sponge scrubs. When you scrub your sink, you remove the organic matter that is stuck on the kitchen sink. You may use the dish detergent that you are using to clean the microbes that stay on the surface of the sink. There are also special products in the market that kills bacteria and germs. Do a little research and read the directions to make sure that these products react positively to the type of material that your kitchen sink is made of. 

Keep the kitchen sink dry

One of the best tips that you will have to keep your kitchen sink clean is by letting it dry. Bacteria and fungi do not dwell in dry areas. They mostly stay in damp sections of the kitchen.  If you do not use the kitchen for long periods of time, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the water from the surface of the sink. The cloth will keep it dry and will not allow the bacteria to start forming and spreading. 

Use a disinfectant

In addition to wiping and cleaning your sink, you can also use other disinfectants to keep it safe to use. Just make sure that you follow the instructions for the products to effectively work. 



It can quite difficult to clean kitchen sinks if you do not do it regularly. For kitchen sinks to be kept looking great every day, the key is to do a good maintenance on them consistently. Using the right tools and materials on your white double kitchen sink is important. Not understanding the type of kitchen sink that you have may cause you to scratch or create a stain on it unknowingly. Follow the suggestions listed above to keep your kitchen sinks at their peak condition every day. 

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