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We all have seen the massive impact of COVID-19 in the whole world and we are still looking for cleanliness and hygiene around us. For many people, self-quarantine has been very important to all of us. Since we spend most of the time at our homes, it is very important to keep our rooms hygienic and clean. In this context, we are going to talk about keeping our bed and American mattress clean. 


Change your bed sheets frequently 

Cotton sheets are the breeding ground for bacteria if they remain on the bed for a long time. So, it is recommended to clean your sheets, comforters, quilt, pillow covers, etc. regularly and replace them time to time at the top mattress shop. You can wash and dry the old set to avoid the spread of germs. 


Let the sunlight in your bedroom 

Let the sunlight in every nook and cranny in your home. Warmth of the sun and vitamin D can help kill all the germs and bacteria. Sun Rays are natural disinfectant to keep the bacteria from building up in the mattress. You can also get the mattress topper removed for a while to let it warm under the sun. 



You cannot vacuum up all the bacteria and germs easily. But you should avoid as much as possible before washing it. Vacuum cleaners can remove even the small and sticky dust particles in the corners. You can use the sunlight to remove bacteria and germs off your sheets and mattress. 


Sanitize the surface 

You can use any steam cleaner or garment steamer to sanitize the mattress cover, mattress, comforters, quilts, and pillow covers regularly to avoid bacteria, dust and germs. Use a mixture of dish cleaning soap and water with a damp cleaning cloth to rub on the surface to avoid body fluids. Baking soda can also be used. You just have to leave it under the sun for several hours before using a vacuum cleaner or steamer. A hair dryer can also do the magic. It can soak up extra fluid from the surface.


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