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You’re fully invested in being a traveling nomad, and yet, you recently acquired a furry new friend. You can’t see yourself being separated from your pet, so you’ve decided to bring them along.

It’s no doubt going to be extra work having a dog or cat with you. It would help if you found an apartment that accepts pets. Plus, you have to make sure the house is enough to keep your pet comfortable.

Keeping your furry pal happy during each work assignment is one of your top priorities. Here’s how to ensure they’re happy as you continue your fun and freeing nomadic lifestyle.

1. Enlist Help From a Rentals Provider

Looking through online listings of apartments and homes is time-consuming. And now, with a pet, you must find a housing situation that allows them. Unfortunately, depending on the area, there may not be a lot of homeowners and apartment managers that permit pets.

You may find that you’re burning through all your time searching high and low for a place to live. That can get frustrating when you need to focus on doing other tasks like getting packed up.

A rental provider can take the stress out of your moving by helping you find the perfect place to live. Better yet, they can find a place and location based on your needs.

For example, you may have a dog that needs room to roam. Then, a rental company can get a new apartment lined up for you. Pretty soon, both you and your pet will be happy in a new home with a nice area where they can play. It’s ideal to live in a home that has everything you could want.

Just because it’s a temporary work assignment doesn’t mean you and your pet shouldn’t be comfortable!

2. Set Up Comfortable Beds & Places for Them to Relax

For a pet to feel at home, they should have some items to help them relax. The good news is that there are quite a few things you can add to your new home to make them happy.

For example, if you have a dog, investing in at least a few dog beds is a good idea. Taking it one step further and adding a few blankets to the beds will make them feel like royalty.

It may seem like a small thing to add beds and blankets. But to a pet, it makes all the difference.

Besides beds, most dogs like a spot where they can retreat and spend time alone sleeping. Consider making a dog hut that’s dark and secure. An indoor dog house or kennel can be just what they need to feel safe.

3. Add Toys to Keep Them Entertained

Cats and dogs need to stay entertained while you’re working. If you plan to leave them alone, they need toys to keep them occupied. They may have anxiety too. In that case, finding the appropriate activities to keep them entertained until you return is vital.

Here are a few toys that may keep your pet busy while you’re gone:

Smart ball for dogs
Interactive cat ball with lights
An activity flip board where a pet has to accomplish tasks to get treats
A rambler ball that encourages solo activity

It may take some experimenting to see what your pet likes the most. Some toys are pricey, but modern technology may pay off. As long as your pet is happy and entertained, you will be too!

Bonus: Shower Them with Attention

Even if you’re busy with your new temporary work assignment, make time for your pet. When you do have time off, shower them with attention and affection.

Find activities you can both do together. For example, your dog may love to hike with you or play at a local dog park. Playing fetch at the park with them will make your dog’s day!

Working on your relationship with your pet will keep them happy. Plus, focusing on your pet keeps your stress levels low.

When you are both tired from your fun times, relaxing and watching a movie is nice too. You may have a dog that is a cuddler. If so, they may be content to curl up next to you while you take a nap together.

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Bringing a pet along for temporary work assignments requires more effort. But the rewards of having a pet with you outweighs the challenges you may encounter.
Focus your attention on finding a lovely home where your pet is comfortable. And make enough time for them while you’re not working. Then, everything should work out.

Your pet will be overjoyed to have an incredible owner, and you’ll feel blessed with their presence!








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