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The increasing use of the internet and the need to be online has endangered us from different kinds of cyber security threats. We hear about cybersecurity breaches way too frequently. Every day there is a new issue coming up and causing people a lot of trouble and affecting their businesses. But with all the security threats and cyber-attacks, there are precautionary measures too which you can follow to save yourself from the consequences.

While talking about your cyber-security the very first thing you need to take care of is that you have a secure internet connection. Internet connection will have a huge impact on how your online activities are managed.

If you’re considering an internet connection based on its security then you must look into WOW internet service as it is an encrypted connection with firewalls. So you can at least have reliable internet service from your side and the rest do your part to keep your data and information Cyber-secure.

We are listing down a few tips you can follow to keep yourself secure online:

Avoid clicking on random links

You might come across random links popping up when you are surfing through the web, or sometimes they are even sent to you by unknown profiles in your chat. Each one of us, at some point, has clicked on those links. But that’s exactly what you should never do. These links are often malicious or direct us to weird profiles.

In some cases, by clicking on those links the hacker or cyber attacker gets a hold of your personal information and might use it against you. They can use your data online to bully you or involve in any sort of crime or fraud. So never click any links as long as they are not coming from secure resources and known profiles.

Use different passwords

Many of us have this habit of keeping the same passwords to all our online accounts. In case of any misfortune if one of our account’s passwords gets leaked then we will automatically lose access to all other accounts too. We often do this so that we remember all our passwords.  But the best way to keep it all protected is that you use a password generator to make all your passwords.

You can always reset your password in case you forget it and also do it once a year just to stay on the safe side.

Keep stronger passwords

Stronger passwords are the key to online security. Often you’ve seen while generation a password online that the app or account requires you to keep a password that contains more than 8 characters including both upper case and lower case letters along with the digits. The point here is to make a password with a mixture of all these characters so it’s strong enough to be easily tracked down or predicted.

After you have a strong password, avoid putting a hint to reach those passwords publicly. Also, try to keep your hints as private and personal as you can so no one apart from you could reach or have access to that information.

Update your system from time to time

We all avoid systems updates as they take a lot of time to install but once should never completely ignore it as each software update comes with an improved system. To make it easy for you to remember you can turn on the automatic updates of your system from your device. Over the night update installations will not cause you inconvenience while using your device and also keep your system updated.

Use anti-virus protection

With the increasing number of security threats every passing day it’s essential to have a good anti-virus or firewall installed on your device. Just in case a bug enters to corrupt your files and leak your data, your anti-virus software is there to do its job. It will defend your data against devious attacks.

Do not overshare publicly

We all love sharing about our lives online. Anyone can access our personal information easily through our social media. This can put us in so much danger of having all our details easily available over social sites. It’s better to change our privacy setting to the ‘Only Me’ option or ‘Friends Only’ option.

Even if you have, for the safe side keep reviewing your privacy settings from time to time so that you don’t get yourself in any security threats online. Criminally minded people and like hackers and cyber attackers are always in search to know one weak thing about you and get started with blackmailing for money or any other favor. It’s always better to stay safe first, rather than getting into trouble.

Avoid surfing through unknown sites

We all love surfing through the web to kill time but while surfing we sometimes lose the track of where we were supposed to be. If you encounter a site that seems shady, close it immediately. Avoid crossing the web limits that government or higher authorities have mentioned. Do not try to reach the dark web illegally just to answer your curiosities. Such actions can put you into serious trouble online.

 Wrapping up:

Taking care of your security online is extremely important and no one should take this issue lightly. We have listed down few key tips you can keep in mind to avoid any inconvenience or cyber threat from now. Just following these simple tips can save you from any big issue easily.

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